The Friendliest Cat Breeds

You may have heard this saying about dogs: dogs are man’s best friend. Cats are the second most popular pet in the world after dogs; yet they don’t have a badge like “man’s best friend” or anything like that. Rather, cats are known for being independent, aloof, self-sufficient, or ambivalent.

Although such notions are mere clichés, plenty of scientific evidence shows that cats develop strong bonds with their human companions, just like dogs or children. Instinctively, however, cats are not as expressive as dogs and are known to hide their feelings, love (and even pain).

While all cats are sweet, friendly, and affectionate, some cat breeds are more social, playful, protective, and expressive than others.

For cat lovers who want to adopt a social, friendly, and playful cat, we have listed some of the “friendliest cat breeds” in this post. We hope this post will help you find the right companion.


cat, persian, purebred

When someone asks about the ultimate lap cat, the first name that comes to mind is “Persian cat.” Without a doubt, Persian cats are known around the world for their long, fluffy fur, adorable personalities, and quirks.

Persian cats are by nature sweet, cool, well-mannered, calm, love to cuddle, playful, and always ready to jump into your lap. Persian cats are usually not demanding, but they do require regular brushing to keep their long hair from tangling.

Maine Coon

maine coon, cat, pet

The gentle giants of the feline world are so named because they are relatively larger than other cats (they usually weigh up to 13 kg). Maine Coons are unique in that they provide a good balance between their independent nature and their friendly and playful attitude toward their human companions.

These cats are generally a good choice for families (especially with children). Although Maine Coons are not true lap cats (due to their size), they like to sit on your lap and be stroked if you want.

Another unique characteristic of Maine Coon cats is that they have a high IQ and can learn to respond to simple commands, and they need lots of toys to keep them occupied so they don’t get bored. In addition, these cats require more frequent brushing due to their long, glossy fur.

Exotic Shorthair

exotic shorthair, cat, feline

Keeping exotic shorthair cats is a wonderful experience because of their sweet, friendly and loving personalities. These cats resemble Persian cats except for the fur (shorter than Persian cats).

Exotic shorthair cats are also known as “Persian cats for lazy people” because they resemble Persian cats but do not require as much brushing due to their small fur. These cats are known for not making much noise; only occasionally meowing in a high-pitched tone or whisper.


Siamese cat lying on wooden table

The Siamese cat is just right for you if you are looking for an energetic, classic “people cat”. These cats are very social, playful, and active and love to spend time with all members of the family. In addition, Siamese cats are known for their majestic stature and soulful blue eyes.

Siamese cats are eager for attention and very vocal, more so than most other cat breeds. If you ignore them, they will make various noises to get your attention. Despite their extroverted nature, however, Siamese cats need some time to get used to strangers.

Scottish Fold

white and gray cat with white background

Known around the world for their distinctive upturned ears and quirky attitudes, Scottish frowning dogs are not only friendly, beautiful, affectionate, and loving, but also highly adaptable. Because of their adaptability, they quickly become accustomed to new human friends and new environments.

These cats do not like to be left alone and prefer to be with their human friends all the time. The Scottish Fold is also a great cat to adopt, even if you already have one or more cats (or even dogs) in the house, as they adapt quickly.

Cornish Rex

The Cornish Rex, a breed from Cornwell, England, is a very active, sociable, playful, and friendly member of the dog community. Its distinctive features include a soft coat, wider ears (resembling those of a bat), a filigree stature, and large eyes.

In addition to being an ideal breed for families, the Cornish Rex gets along well with dogs and other pets. Being an athletic cat, she needs 20-30 minutes of playtime and exercises regularly. So if you can handle her energy level, it’s nice to have a cat like the Cornish Rex.

Devon Rex

russian blue cat in tilt shift lens

The Devon Rex is similar to the Cornish Rex and shares many traits, such as being very social and energetic, playing games, and constantly seeking attention. So he is suitable for those who have enough time to play with him every day.

If you aren’t careful or don’t give him enough opportunities to get tired and burn enough calories, he will become mischievous and find ways to stomp out boredom that you may not like.


The Ragdoll is a perfect example of how strong the bond between a cat and a human is. He will follow you around the house and stand in the doorway when you return from the office.

These cats are sweet, and calm, love to sit on your lap, and are perfect cats for people living in small apartments or for families with children and grandparents.


Abyssinians are ancient members of the cat community from Egyptian times and are prized for their good-natured, calm, loving, and loyal personalities.

As energetic cats, they are not suitable as lap cats; they are active and playful and love to play with their owners.


white and black cat on white textile

As the name suggests, this member of the feline community belongs to Burma. Burmese cats are a balanced mix of active, playful, calm, and relaxed traits. Burmese cats are gentle and patient enough to be a good playmates for children.

These cats get along well with both humans and other pets. In general, these blue-eyed and good-natured cats are easier to maintain than most other cat breeds.


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The Burmese are another very active, polite, and confident cat breed that loves to cuddle and will never leave you alone. They are everywhere, in the kitchen, on the roof, in the laundry room, watching TV, or working at the office table. These sweet cats are a great choice for families with multiple pets.


white sphinx covered by red textile

Sphynxes are hairless members of the cat family. Their hairless skin may make them look a little strange to most people, but the Sphynx is one of the most social, friendly, and affectionate cats and makes an excellent pet.

Despite their many positive qualities (e.g. active, affectionate, loyal, and very social), Sphynxes are demanding to maintain due to their hairless skin.

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