7 Life Lessons to Learn From Pets


When you bring home a pet, it becomes part of the family. Without words, their adorable habits and behaviors teach valuable life lessons. Pets brighten our lives with unconditional love and loyalty. Pay attention to these lessons you can learn from pets and appreciate the wisdom of your beloved furry friends.

Stretch in the Morning

orange cat stretching on white surface

Cats do it. Dogs do it, too. But sometimes we forget how important stretching is! According to Harvard Health, daily stretching helps keep muscles strong and improves joint mobility. It also prevents stiffness and injury. Mimic your pets and stretch with a cow cat and a downward-facing dog, as in this yoga series by Tummy.

Check-in With Your Friends


Dogs are loyal by nature. This is because dogs evolved from wolves, according to the nonprofit organization Found Animals. They are social animals that prefer companionship and view their humans as just another member of the pack. Like dogs, humans benefit from relationships and strong bonds. So remember to stand by your friends, looking in on them often. Even a quick phone call to let someone know you care can make their day!

Take Naps


A mid-day nap does wonders for feeling rejuvenated and energized. Hectic schedules often get in the way of a much-needed break. Don’t forget to take a nap! The Mayo Clinic recommends that a nap can help you feel relaxed and alert, as long as you keep it short, between 10 and 20 minutes.

Follow Your Instincts

Animals rely on their instincts. They observe changes by tuning into their senses and relying on hunches. For example, animals sense potential danger and have been known to behave strangely before a natural disaster such as an earthquake. According to The Dodo, some dogs can detect cancer with more than 90 percent accuracy, even in its earliest stages. Following your gut can help you take control of your life, so pay attention to your senses.

Don’t Forget to Groom!


According to The Spruce, cats spend almost half of their day grooming. Grooming isn’t just about keeping them clean and looking good. It also helps them bond with their kitties (and their humans) and feel relaxed. Everyday Health stresses that grooming promotes well-being and helps relieve stress. To reap the benefits, incorporate self-care rituals into your routine, such as taking a hot bath, pampering yourself at a spa, or indulging in a facial mask or a massage.

Run and Play Daily

brown short coated dog lying on gray carpet

Pets love to play. Dogs love jumping in the mud, chasing balls, splashing, and running in the fields. As people get older, they often forget to make time for play. Adults need breaks too! According to the European Journal of Humour Research, playing helps reduce stress and improves overall well-being. So don’t forget to blow off some steam once in a while and do something that’s just plain fun!

Pay Attention to Feelings

Have you ever noticed that your pets seem to know when you need a little extra comfort and attention? That’s because dogs evolved alongside humans and formed an emotional bond with them. According to National Geographic, dogs can read people’s facial expressions and body language. Therapists are even using pet therapy to help patients heal. Undefined, published in Nursing Open, also points out that equine-assisted therapy can improve self-esteem and confidence and alleviate trauma. Learn from animals and pay attention to how others feel. A comforting word or a hug can greatly help others.





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