8 techniques to attract customers in the world of digital marketing

Have you ever wondered what is the secret behind the success of big companies like Digikala? What we are going to cover today are teaching techniques that most of the big companies use to attract more customers and which most other companies are unaware of.

If you want to achieve a successful customer acquisition experience, do not miss the opportunity to learn about new customer acquisition techniques.

But before that, it’s not bad to know how learning new tips will help us. Customer expectations have increased compared to previous years, so every month we have to update our services and support to keep our customers.

In addition, there is always this fear in the presence of all companies that their competitors will steal their customers and they worry that their number of contacts and customers will decrease. But if we are always learning new techniques to attract customers, we will never be left out from the competition.

Therefore, your business needs the best techniques to increase customers in order to outpace your competitors, increase your sales rate and increase your income. But what exactly are these technologies and how are they implemented? We will explain further

Customer acquisition techniques

In order to be able to take steps like a successful business, you need to learn about customer acquisition techniques in the world of digital marketing. These technologies include:

1. Define the character of the contacts.

The first step towards increasing sales is knowing your customers. In order to be able to better present your products and services to your contacts, you must have a correct understanding of the motives, needs and desires of your users or customers. With audience personas, you can be sure that the activities you carry out are tailored to the needs of users and we will receive appropriate feedback.

2. Design and launch of the website.

In today’s world, if you can’t adapt to the needs of people in society, you’ve lost the game. People are drawn to companies that can cater to their needs online as well as traditional methods.

By creating a website (while choosing the right domain and best hosting), you will not only grow your business, but you will also respond to customer needs at all hours of the day and night.

3. Produce engaging content.

To advance the work, you must not neglect the role of words in this way.

Attractive and valuable content, while meeting the needs of users, can properly present your business and convey your business message to the audience.

Therefore, by participating in content production training courses, you must produce attractive and effective content for your site users, engage your contacts and, as a result, convert them into actual customers of your business.

4. Interaction with clients.

To attract more customers, you need to instill a good feeling in your customers, and this transmission of feeling is only achieved through interaction.

You must be able to communicate with your customers in different ways; For example, by sending SMS messages, you can inform your customers about discounts, incentive plans or new products, or by ordering emails from customers, you can send them educational or advertising newsletters every once in a while.

5. Improve user experience.

One way to attract customers is to pay special attention to them. As Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos said; Obsessing over customers is very important. You need to make sure you build a strong support team, so you can create a great experience for your customers. Think about your business and how you can best serve your customers.

For example, by conducting various surveys, you will not only improve your business, but also show that customer satisfaction is the number one priority of your brand.

6. SEO and website optimization.

Your behavior online must be such that Google recognizes that your trademark is valid. Search engine optimization (SEO) and site optimization is one way to gain credibility with Google, so that you can position your brand at the top of Google search results and among the biggest businesses. Here, I suggest you to read the article “What is SEO” on the novin blog.

7. Using different advertising channels.

To be successful in the market, you need digital advertising channels that can introduce your brand to internet users in the shortest possible time.

Methods like Google ads, social media ads, email marketing, viral marketing, and SMS marketing are among the digital marketing methods that you can use to promote your brand and increase your sales.

8. Updating services and products.

Today, when people’s needs in society are constantly changing, and newer models of any product are introduced to the market every day, the old products are discredited; Obviously, people buy the most modern, accessible, and most efficient products, so we must always keep up with people’s needs and new technologies.


In this article, we got acquainted with the techniques of attracting customers, but in order not to lag behind in the competition with business giants and to properly implement these techniques, we need a constant companion.

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