How do you become a website designer?

While some might tell you that it’s too late to learn web design, the US Census Bureau estimates that this job will grow 13% by 2030! Of course, this statistic is related to a developed country, and certainly in Iran, which is still lagging behind this country, the growth statistics will be higher. Given this issue, in this article I will explain to you how to become a web designer. Pay attention, I am writing this article with about 4-5 years of experience in web design. Therefore, all the tips that you read in it are from experience.

How do you become a website designer?

As you can see, becoming a web designer can be on many levels. For example, someone wants to become a web designer who is proficient in programming, and another person wants to learn web design with WordPress. So first you have to learn the difference between these things.

Make up your mind

Well, first of all, you have to choose what exactly is your goal in becoming a web designer? For example, now you can become a website designer in less than 2 months with the help of WordPress content management system (you will learn about it later). At the same time, you can spend 2-3 times more to become an expert in web programming by learning programming! But what is the difference? The difference is that if you know programming, you can do a more specialized job and earn more. For example, if a business owner wants to add a different functionality to their site, you can program that functionality for him at several times the salary a designer gets to build a WordPress site.

But which is the best option? My opinion is that you should start learning WordPress first and when you can learn how to design a website using this system in a short time, while earning money, gradually increase your skills in the programming world. That way, you’ve got a little time on your way to making money, and you can safely learn the skills needed to become more professional and increase your income. So I will teach you exactly this path.

1_ Learn to work with WordPress (What is WordPress?!)

In the past, to build a website, you first had to learn the front-end programming languages, which are the languages that make the website look. In fact, everything you see on this site is created with the help of css and html, which are front-end languages. Then, you had to go to the back-end languages or behind the scenes. With the help of these languages, all the actions that take place behind the scenes of the site are carried out, which are hidden from the public and, in fact, constitute the core of the site. But after some time, something called “Content Management System” was created!

Content management systems, of which WordPress is the most famous and popular today, allow you to design a site without having to learn programming languages! Well, here the content management system itself provides the core of the site or the back end to it in a ready-made form. In addition, there are also programmers who create ready-made templates for appearance.

Image description: Several ready-made WordPress templates on a template selling site

Templates created with the help of css and html programming languages and you just need to buy them at not very expensive prices. In this way, the two main sections of the site will be provided in a ready-made form and you will no longer need to learn programming.

So what is my duty as a web designer?

Now the question that arises is if the core of the website is provided to us in a ready-made form and its appearance can be purchased easily, what is my duty as a website designer? Do you need me anymore? Actually, the point here is that installing the template on the CMS, creating the settings and, of course, customizing its appearance takes a lot of experience and time. So it’s not like you think anyone can easily design a site by downloading WordPress. Instead, as a website designer, you should spend at least 1-7 days to create a website, of course, with the help of your specialized knowledge. This is why the “price of website design” is a good price and today website designers charge between 2 and 10 million tomans for a WordPress website.

How do we get WordPress?

You have many options for learning how to work with the WordPress content management system. First of all, find a comprehensive Persian web course, buy it and use its training. If you find a good course, it can definitely save you a lot of time. The second solution is to search for free resources, free courses, YouTube videos, tutorials, and other websites on the web. This is also a smart choice, but it may take a little longer due to the separate content of free resources.

Anyway, even in a short period of time, you must have become familiar with these concepts. If you don’t like it, you can read the articles I linked below and then move on to the rest of the article.

  •      Host: Host means the space where you put website information. Something like your computer.
  •      Domain: Domain is the name of the site. Now the name of our site is the portal and its extension is .COM.
  •      How to buy a domain: How to register with the NIC website, what is the difference between the different domain extensions and which one should we buy?
  •      How to bind the domain to the host so that the user enters it by entering the name of the site in the browser.
  •      How to install WordPress on the host?
  •      How do you do the initial settings for WordPress?

After you learn these in the required course or at all with the help of free articles, we will continue the path.

2_ Learn about the basic WordPress plugins

In WordPress, we have something called a plugin. In fact, each plugin is like a small program that installs on your WordPress and gives it a series of additional features. For example, WooCommerce is a plugin that is connected to your site and after adjusting its settings, it turns your regular site into an online store. In any case, in the process of becoming a web designer, you should know the necessary plugins and learn how to work with them. There are many tutorials on the web about each of these plugins. In short, the most important plugins you should know are:

  •      Site Security Plugin: There are plugins that make WordPress harder to break into and increase your site security. For example, the “all in one wp security and firewall” plugin or the “Wordfence” backup plugin
  •      There are plugins that create a backup of all the information on your site so that if you lose the information for any reason, such as a site hack or other problems, you can restore it. For example, the Updraft plugin.
  •      SEO Plugin: SEO plugins are plugins that help you optimize your site to appear in Google search results. For example, the Yoast Seo plugin.
  •      Store Extension: The WooCommerce plugin is a plugin that turns your regular website into an online store with many features.
  •      Page Builder Plugin: We will learn about the page builder that is used to customize the appearance.

3- Learn how to work with page builders

One of the most important actions a website designer must take is to customize the look of the website. In fact, the ready-made template gives you a pre-determined look, and basically every business owner needs their site to get special details according to their own taste. This is where you need a page builder. It is a powerful plugin that installs on WordPress and allows you to change theme details without using coding. For example, add a box to the right side of the page or place a question and answer form at the bottom of the site.

Image description: Elementor Page Builder allows you to easily add the required elements to the page by dragging and dropping.

Currently, the most popular WordPress page builder plugin; It is called Elementor. Therefore, he must learn to deal with it. In web design courses, they teach you how to handle it. Of course, if you want to become an expert and a professional website designer, you may have to increase your knowledge more than the normal course and even buy specialized courses from Elementor. Also, there are many videos of this page maker tutorial on YouTube, which you must watch.

4_ Start making money

No, don’t be happy! The learning process of website design is still going on. But the point is that at this point and with this level of knowledge you can enter the job market and earn money. If you need more advice, read Who is a Freelancer and then Best Freelance Sites to learn how to make money in the freelance market. But in short, you have a few options at this point:

  •      Work as a freelancer and drive projects through sites like Midam and Poonisha and free advertising sites like Divar and Shepoor.
  •      Work for a company as a website designer

The best option depends on your circumstances and interests. I chose freelancing because I wasn’t interested in working for a company!

Note: Be careful, in order to be able to get client projects or to be hired as a web designer in a company, you must have a portfolio. Therefore, it is better to create a site dedicated to yourself, preferably even under your own name, so that you can use it as a working sample. You can also start a project with a low price and create your first prototype. However, it is important to have a wallet.

5_ Get to know the site builders

After content management systems, another thing came up with the name of a website builder! A website builder is a system that, unlike a content management system, can present an entire website or online store with the look you want in less than 5 minutes. In fact, our site, that is, the portal, is also a site builder. Considering that in the future, clients may ask you about website builders and even if you want to build a website for some clients with the help of website builders, I suggest you get to know them in a specialized way. To get started, simply go to our website builder page and design a custom website in less than 5 minutes at no cost.

6_ Learn digital marketing

In my opinion, knowing digital marketing skills helps a web designer a lot. In fact, there were many times that because of partial or total familiarity with a skill like SEO or email marketing, I negotiated more easily with my employer or gained more credit because of the advice I gave him. Even sometimes, if you have experience, you may be able to get a small and possibly impressive income from providing digital marketing services to the business owner for whom you have created a website. If you want my opinion, I would suggest you to take a free or not free course of at least 15-20 hours in different digital marketing skills. If you want to learn about the subcategories of digital marketing, be sure to read the article “Internet Marketing”

7_ Learn how to work with css and html

Well, from now on, we want to become more professional and gradually prepare ourselves to become a web developer. The first step in this process is to learn how to work with css and html. Fear not, even if you don’t have a background in the world of programming, it’s easy! Because learning these two languages is very simple and even in many schools they cover it in the title of web design courses for kids. You can go to paid courses to learn these two languages. But given that there are many free courses for them on the Persian web today, perhaps it would be best to find a good site and resource and use their free courses.

8_ Choose a real programming language

Well, we’ve come to the hard part. Of the steps I have taken so far, learning a programming language is definitely a bit more difficult. Anyway, to become a successful web developer, you need to be familiar with one of the back-end programming languages. There are currently many programming languages in the world, but if you want my opinion of September 1401, I suggest you learn PHP now.

Because this language is very popular in the country and abroad and has expanded greatly in these few years. Therefore, by learning it, you are practically stepping into the world of popular and successful programming languages. Also know that in general, when you learn a programming language like PHP or even C#, it becomes much easier for you to learn other languages. Therefore, if another language replaces PHP in the future, there is not much to worry about because you can gradually master the new language by taking at least one course.

To learn the PHP programming language, if your English is good, you can learn it on YouTube for free. But if you are looking for Persian-language resources, you are probably limited to the free resources on YouTube and other sites, and it may be best to purchase a course.

9_ Learn how to work with JavaScript

The JavaScript or JS programming language is one of the most popular languages in the world and learning it is essential for every web designer and programmer. Of course, know that if you learn it, there will be many job opportunities in front of you in the future. The point is that learning JS is not very difficult and you definitely don’t need to spend as much time learning it as PHP.

10_ Learn a little design

Knowing the basics of graphics will greatly help you grow as a web designer and of course a programmer! In fact, learning these skills will help you get better jobs, earn more, and… So if you want my opinion after some time, you should work a little bit on yourself in this area. In short, the skills you can learn are:

  •      Color psychology
  •      User experience and its principles
  •      User design
  •      Work with photoshop
  •      Work with Illustrator
  •      And… .

11_ Don’t be obsessed with choosing your final job!

Honestly, one thing most people probably don’t tell you is that your plans may not actually work out in the long run! what does that mean? Probably many people working in the web world will confirm my words that they didn’t even know their job and experience 5 years ago! Indeed, the world of the web is full of people who, for example, one day wanted to become an expert in search engine optimization and work today as a digital marketing specialist, people who came to this world with the aim of learning web design and today are active in the field of application design, and even those who They wanted to choose Instagram marketing as a job, but today they work in the programming department!

Of course, I am not saying that this is a bad thing, in fact, I am talking about the fact that by learning any new experience and joining a working group, there may be paths ahead of you that will change your decisions altogether! For example, after working on a team as a web developer, you may realize that you are interested in Android programming and take time out of your day to learn it and eventually become an expert in that field. So I suggest you don’t worry too much about long-term planning and what exactly I’m going to do in five years. The path that I explained to you above is a really good one, and by learning its specializations, you will open many popular and high-paying jobs for you. So maybe part of your plan should just be to trust the track.

12_ Don’t forget soft skills

Soft skills mean things like communication, negotiation, sales, etc. In fact, with several years of experience in the job market, I dare to tell you that even if you have the best specialized skills in the web world, but you perform poorly in an issue such as negotiation, pricing, etc., or you have to work for a very low price. Do that or you will lose good and valuable customers. So be sure to check out these skills.

How much does a website designer earn?

So far I have tried to answer the question of how to become a website designer in the most comprehensive way. But let’s move on to the next important question! How much does a web designer earn? I mentioned above that soft skills will really matter a lot to you. Now, regarding income, I have to mention the same skills. In fact, there are darlings who, due to lack of negotiation skills or lack of self-confidence, offer several 10 million tomans for a wage of only 4.5 million. So don’t neglect soft skills.

But then, in short, the income of a web designer in the current job market can start from 3 million tomans per month, and depending on the work method, quality of work, experience, etc., it can reach more than 40 million. Toman. But even if we imagine that you will only design one website per month, you must earn at least 3 to 4 million tomans at the beginning of the journey.

The last word

Well, we have come to the end of the article. In this article, we have discussed the question of how to become a web designer. Considering that I have tried to talk about every door in this article and cover all topics related to website design, you may have many questions in your mind. So put them in the comment section and I will answer all of them professionally.