How to become a seller of digital goods?

Have you ever heard of the name Market Place? Markets are very large online stores where anyone can sell their products. These stores have many vendors who supply products. Many market policies have been created in Iran for several years. DigiKala Market is the most famous and largest police market in Iran and many vendors sell their products in it.

One of the advantages of Digikala is that it has many visitors and more customers view your products. For this reason, this method has a great effect in attracting customers. If you want to sell your products online, one way is to become a digital seller. In this article, we will teach you how to make money by selling products on DigiKala. Are you looking for another way to sell products online? At the end of the article, we have suggested a better way that will increase your profits from online sales.

Digikala’s Terms of Sale

Some marketplaces have special rules for selling products. The reason for the strict rules is to attract better sellers. When the seller fails to deliver the goods on time, the customer becomes dissatisfied with the Market Place. This dissatisfaction is not good for the store at all and leads to a decrease in the number of customers. For this reason, the goal of big market policies such as Digikala is to attract good sellers.

Selling on DigiKala is very easy and requires no special technical knowledge. If you do not perform well in satisfying customers, you will be fined by Digikala and this store’s cooperation will be cut off forever. DigiKala customers can rate the sellers they have purchased from. Sellers with a low score will be restricted first and then their account will be closed.

To learn about the DigiKala rules and regulations, be sure to read the sales rules and regulations page on the DigiKala website. So, know that cancellation of the order from the seller, delay in sending the goods, selling prohibited goods and returning the product have heavy fines for you. In the lowest possible case, this penalty is the amount of commission multiplied by the price of the product. That is, if your product is 200 thousand tomans and Digikala charges a commission of 2%, you will be fined 400 thousand tomans in case of delay in sending the product.

You must have an official license to sell certain products on DigiKala. For example, selling books on DigiKala requires a publishing license. For the sale of motorcycles and cars, documents from the Ministry of Industry and Mines must also be submitted. You must have a business license to sell cell phones and tablets. Selling medicinal products also requires authorization from the Food and Drug Administration. If you have these conditions, read on to sell the product on DigiKala.

Product sales training at DigiKala

Digikala is trying to attract more sellers to the police market. For this reason, it has made the process of registering and selling the product as easy as possible. Before selling the product on DigiKala, you must register as a seller and submit the required documents to this store. If Digikala approves you, you can sell your products online.

What are the things needed to sell the product on DigiKala?

If you want to work as a seller in DigiKala, you must first of all have access to a computer and high speed internet. In addition to these items, your merchandise must be ready to be sold. Some small businesses purchase or produce the product after the customer has purchased it. Digikala has a time limit for sending goods. That is why, if you have such a business, then DigiKala is not for you.

The things we have said so far are essential to starting an online business in any form. But DigiKala requires other things from the seller, which some people find difficult to do. It is essential to have a label printer for sale at Digikala. When products are sent to Digikala, they must have a special barcode. You can print this barcode using a label printer and stick it on the packaging.

The price of the label printer ranges from 5 to 11 million tomans. In addition to the price of the device, you must also consider the cost of the initial sticker. In addition, Digikala says that the seller must have the ability to work with Excel. Many people are not familiar with this program. Before selling the product on Digikala, pay attention to these things so that you don’t run into problems in the future.

What products can we sell on DigiKala?

Digikala has restrictions for selling different products. So be sure to read Digikala’s Prohibited Goods page. On this page, you can see a long list of products that cannot be sold on DigiKala. Some Iranian brands sell their products exclusively at DigiKala. This means that other sellers are not allowed to sell products of this brand in DigiKala. Some product categories can only be sold at the approved price cap. This means that your product has been set a certain price cap and you have to sell the product at the same price.

How to register as a seller on Digikala?

After going through the different filters and barriers of DigiKala, it’s time to sell the products in this store. To register as a Digikala seller, go to seller.digikala.com/registration.

After you enter the seller’s website, you will see a registration form similar to the image below. Enter your email address, password and phone number in this form. After entering the information, click the “Register” button.

On the next page, you must type in the password that will be sent to your email. Then a page will open where you have to enter your details. Select the seller type at the top of the page. Then type the required information in the relevant boxes and click on the “Continue” button.

In the next step, a cooperation contract with Digikala will be opened for you. Read the text of the contract to the end and at the end the option “I have read and agree to the cooperation contract” will appear. If you accept the DigiKala Terms, select the option “I have read and accept the Cooperation Agreement” and click on the Confirm button.

After confirming the contract, a code will be sent to your mobile phone number. Enter this code on the opened page to go to the step.

At this point, if you are not subject to VAT, select No. Otherwise, click Yes and upload your value-added certificate image.

In the next step, the photo on the back and on the shopkeeper’s national card must be uploaded. After doing this, click on the “Final Record” button.

On the next page, you will be asked to take part in the DigiKala Training Course. Attendance in this two-hour course is mandatory. The Digikala Free Training Course will be held virtually during the Corona era. Until you participate in this course, you will not be able to sell the product. In this form, enter the information about when to participate in the course and click on the “Register” button.

In this way, a page similar to the image below will open for you. This page shows that your registration has been completed successfully. You can now enter the Digikala seller panel and make other settings related to the store.

Before selling the product in DigiKala, you must follow the steps of authentication by the civil registration organization. These steps are done online and the authentication method is explained on the DigiKala seller panel.

How to import my products into Digikala?

There are two ways to sell products on DigiKala. The first case is that the product you like is already on the site and you just need to select the type of product and the selling price. The second case is that your product is not on DigiKala and you have to enter its information yourself. From the home page of the Digikala seller panel, click on the Add New Product button.

First, enter your product name from the search field at the top of the page. If your product is not available on DigiKala, then click on the “Create New Product” option. If you want your product to be created by the DigiKala team, click on the “Create Product by DigiKala” option. By selecting this option, DigiKala experts will take a photo of your product, enter the product description and, upon your request, review the product.

If you find your product among DigiKala products, click on the “Sell it also” button.

Then, a new window will open for you showing the amount of commission DigiKala has received for this product. Click the Continue button to go to the next step.

After completing the above steps, a window will open as shown below, and from now on you will be among the sellers of this product. By clicking on the “Insert Variety for this Product” button, you will be taken to the pricing stage.

Next, click the “Add a new variety” button.

Now a form will appear for you and you have to fill in its information. In the first box, select the product warranty type from the list that opens. If your warranty is not listed, click Request New Warranty.

Enter the required items at the bottom of the form. If you want to add another shape to the product, click the “Add a new shape” button. After completing the work, click the “Add to Variety List” button. From now on, your name will be displayed in the list of sellers of this product in DigiKala.

To register the product in DigiKala, after clicking the Create New Product button, a page will open as shown below. First, you have to select the product category and at the end click on the “Select Product Group” button.

After that, a new form will open for you as shown below. Now you have to enter the product information in the relevant boxes. To sell your own products or products whose trademark is not registered with DigiKala, you must first complete the trademark registration process. To do this, click on the “Request for a new trademark” option and register your trademark in the opened window. After completing the form, click the Continue button.

In the next step, another form will open in which you have to enter the features of your product. After completing the form, click the Continue button.

Now you need to enter your product address. To continue the product registration process, click on the “Confirm Address and Continue” button.

In the next step, you need to upload the product image. Digikala has many rules for product images. If you do not follow these rules, your product will not be approved. After uploading product images, click on the “Stock” button.

Finally, a window like the one below will appear. You can publish your product by going to the product management page. After your product has been checked and approved by the DigiKala administrators, you can assign different skins to it. This way, your product will be featured in Digikala and you have to wait for customers to buy from you.

What do you do after the request is submitted by the customer?

When a customer orders your product, you must first create a shipment. A shipment is a collection of customer orders that you have to deliver to Digikala’s warehouse. After creating a shipment in the DigiKala seller panel, you will be given barcodes that you must print on the orange label and affix to all products. In addition, it is necessary to print two copies of the consignment receipt that was given to you.

After that, you should take the products to Digikala warehouse on time. Upon delivery of orders to the warehouse, a copy of the shipment receipt will be returned to you. From now on, orders will be sent by DigiKala.

How long does Digikala take to deposit the application fee?

After sending orders to clients, you have to wait for Digikala to deposit funds for these orders into your account. DigiKala charges your account only once a month. The Digikala account reconciliation process is done automatically and you do not need to submit a request for account reconciliation.

Advantages and disadvantages of selling on Digikala

Like any other method, selling products on DigiKala has its advantages and disadvantages. So, before choosing DigiKala to sell products online, make sure to consider its advantages and disadvantages.

Advantages of selling products on Digikala

Lots of Clients: The most important feature of DigiKala is that several million clients visit it every day. Because of this, many people see your product.

Free: Registering with Digikala as a seller is at no cost and it’s free.

No Technical Knowledge Required: Working with the DigiKala Vendor Panel is very easy. Wherever you have a problem, Digikala support team will help you.

Quick income generation: From the first months of selling the product in Digikala, you get income.

Save Advertising Costs: If you start your own online store, you will have to spend a lot of money on advertising so that customers get to know your store.

Disadvantages of selling products on DigiKala

Various restrictions: As we said, some brands and products are prohibited from being sold on DigiKala. In addition, in the first month of activity, you can receive only 10 requests per day.

High cost of necessary equipment: Digi-Kala forces sellers to have a printer and label printer. These things will increase your start-up costs.

Strict conditions for selling the product: delays in sending and returning the product and other cases will make Digi penalize your product. If you repeat these things, your cooperation with this store will be terminated.

High commission for DigiKala: In many cases, especially in the case of locally produced goods, DigiKala takes a high percentage as commission from customers. Apart from the commission, you have to pay 9% VAT to Digikala.

Settlement period: Before selling the product on DigiKala, be sure to pay attention to the fact that the first settlement period for DigiKala with you is two months after the sale of the first product. Post settlement periods for Digikala account are 1 month. This means that your capital will remain in the hands of Digikala for one month.

Introducing a more economical way to sell goods online

Selling products on DigiKala is not the only simple way to sell goods online. As we said in the article, becoming a seller on DigiKala has its pros and cons. Finally, in accordance with these matters, make up your mind to cooperate with Digikala. If you don’t feel like giving a portion of your profit to DigiKala, do yourself a favor and start a shop site. You might be saying to yourself that owning a site with digital goods facilities is very difficult and expensive.

You can have a complete website and sell all your products on it with Sazaha Store. Portal builder is one of the best online store building services in Iran. The portal has many features such as online chat, email and SMS sending, mail and courier communication, payment gateway connectivity and introduction to Torb search engine. In addition, designing a website with the portal is very easy and fast.

One of the most important features of the portal is that it does not charge any commission fees. You only pay for the purchase of one of the gateway packages and you will not be charged for up to one year. This makes purchasing portal packages more cost effective than working for DigiKala.