How to create an online WhatsApp store

WhatsApp has over 2 billion monthly active users! Are you not tempted? Well, when I remind you that after the liquidation of Telegram, WhatsApp has already become the most popular messenger among Iranians, you will probably be tempted to set up an online store on WhatsApp! In this article, I will explain to you in simple language what is the WhatsApp store, how do you create it, and how to use it?

What is the WhatsApp store?

WhatsApp has unveiled a commercial version of its app called WhatsApp Business for quite some time. In fact, people who have a business and have a product to sell can install this version on their mobile phone and help their business grow. Then, one of the capabilities of WhatsApp Business is to create a product catalog.

With the help of this catalog, the audience can easily view your products and their details without having to leave WhatsApp, even select the desired products with a button and finally send you the shopping cart of their choice in the chat.

Why build an online store on WhatsApp?

As you can see, there are many options for social media marketing in front of you today. Telegram, Instagram and even Tik Tok and Twitter! While I say a business should use media where their target audience is, I suggest using WhatsApp for another reason!

In fact, WhatsApp is not a social network, but a messenger! The thing is, unlike social networks where the public can easily ignore the brands they follow, messengers are always on the lookout. This means that the messages you send to your audience on WhatsApp, unlike your Instagram posts and story, will always be seen by all of them. This is the reason why I definitely suggest you to create an online store for your WhatsApp version.

Note: Be careful, the WhatsApp online store cannot in any way replace the online store and website! Only this tool will help you to better communicate with your audience and convert them into buyers. If you don’t have an online store yet, you can take help of our completely free trial of “Portal Store Builder” and build your store in less than 2 minutes.

How to create an online store on WhatsApp

Well, the first step is to download the WhatsApp Business app. It is best to go to popular markets to download it. On Android, go to Google Play or Iranian marketplaces like Bazar and Miket. On IOS, the Apple App Store itself, or marketplaces such as Apple App and …

After installing the application, you need to register it. Signing up for WhatsApp Business is similar to signing up for WhatsApp. Of course, be careful, you should not create a WhatsApp business account with the number you have a WhatsApp account on. Because if you do that then your number will become a commercial WhatsApp number and your regular account will be deleted from it. Therefore, it is better to assign a new number to this program.

However, after installation, you must first select the button shown in the image below. You hereby confirm that you agree to the rules of this commercial messenger. In the next step, you have to enter your desired contact number and after sending the WhatsApp verification code, enter it in the given box.

In the next step, you need to complete a user profile.

  •      In the profile picture, upload a photo of your company and preferably its logo.
  •      In the first box marked with the trade name, you must write the name of your business.
  •      In the profile picture, you must select your business type among the available options. In this section, you may need to know a little English.
  •      In the description box, you must describe your business in 256 characters! What do you do and what do you do.
  •      Finally, specify your business address in Business address.

Complete the profile

Your WhatsApp business profile contains 3 other important parts that you must complete. In the following, I will explain these three parts to you. To get started, go to Setup and then the Business Tools section.

1_ Enter business information

In the Business Profile section, you must enter 3 important information about your store. Of course, in the new version of WhatsApp, you can complete these options at the time of registration.

  •      work hours,
  •      e-mail,
  •      Website address.

2_ Create a catalog in WhatsApp Business

The most important thing you need to do to create an online store in WhatsApp is exactly this part!

  •      To do this, after selecting the Catalog option, click on the Add Item option or the + symbol.
  •      After that, you can add the desired image or images of the product using the add image option.
  •      If you need to add a product description, you should use the More Fields option.
  •      If necessary, add the link and price to the product.
  •      Save the product now!
  •      If necessary, follow the same steps again and add a new product to the catalog.

Pay attention, now the public can access your product catalog by viewing your profile. Also, if you want to send the product to a specific user, just go to their chat, use the clip option at the bottom and click on the catalog option.

What are the features of the WhatsApp store?

Before moving on to the next section, let me explain that the WhatsApp product catalog gives you these features:

  •      You can add more than 500 products to this catalog.
  •      You can create an online store on Facebook and link it to the WhatsApp store so that its information and products are displayed here.
  •      By completing the business profile information, your information will be displayed in the catalog.
  •      You can add prices to your products!
  •      You can also add their links to products on the site.
  •      If you wish, you can specify a special code for each product so that the public can order more easily.

3_ Create an automatic message on WhatsApp

You may have noticed that often when you send a message to your WhatsApp business account, a message is automatically sent to you right away. To select the text of this letter, you must first select the Business Tools option and scroll down the page a bit. Now you will see these options:

There are 4 options here, as I said in the picture:

  •      The first option is to select which messages will be sent automatically.
  •      The second option is a welcome message and is sent to users who contact you for the first time.
  •      In the third option you can write texts and send them instantly and ready for the contact while chatting.
  •      The fourth option is to categorize your chats using a series of tags or labels.

For the automatic message, go to the Messages abroad option and activate the Send messages away option. Now on the new page there are several options in front of you:

  •      External message: The text you add in this section will be the same text that will be automatically sent to future audiences who message you.
  •      Schedule: With the help of this option and the options in it, you can specify that the selected reply will be sent to all recipients (Always send) or that a message will be sent in a certain time period if someone sends a message (Custom schedule) or that only the automatic message will be sent out Store opening hours. (outside business hours)
  •      Recipients: With the help of this option and the options in it, you can select to send the message to everyone (everyone) or to those who have saved your mobile number, not to send it to a certain number, or to only send it to certain people.

The last word

Well, we have come to the end of the article. In this article, we first understood what a WhatsApp business store is and learned how to create an online store in WhatsApp. Finally, if you have any questions or comments, I am waiting for you in the comments section. By the way, if you have any questions about our website builder and portal store builder