What is negative seo? Types of negative SEO

In the world of traditional business, some competitors do unscrupulous things when they realize they cannot compete with you fairly or they fear your success. For example, it may get you into legal trouble; They may try to physically damage your store or even your brand negatively. Exactly such people exist in the world of Search Engine Optimization (SEO or Website Optimization) and when they realize that they cannot compete and grow fairly in the search results, they prefer to search for negative SEO! But what is negative seo? How is it applied and how should we resist it? Considering that unfamiliarity with this type of SEO can spoil your entire effort, in this article I will explain everything you need to know about it.

What is negative seo?

Negative SEO is any activity your competitors do with the intent of harming your site and your site’s search engine optimization. Basically, negative SEO solutions fall into two categories:

The first category is those who try to discredit you with Google and discredit you. For example, if a competitor buys a lot of backlinks to your site, so Google thinks you are buying backlinks and lowers the strength of your site. In this case, “Black hat SEO” solutions are often used.

The second category is those that directly affect your business and your site, and then Google lowers your SEO due to the weakening of your site. For example, if a competitor hacks your site, deletes all of your content, and Google lowers your rankings as a result.

What are the right passive strategies and techniques?

Well, in the following, I will explain to you what negative SEO solutions are, and after explaining each solution and technique, I will deal with how to approach the negative SEO method. stay with me

1- Hacking your site with the aim of destroying its contents

One of the common solutions is that the competitor hacks your site with the help of a hacker or even with the help of his own knowledge. After your website falls into his hands, he will probably quietly and silently do things that will lower your credibility in Google.

  •      For example, it may delete your previous content,
  •      Upload content copied from the web to your site.
  •      Link to worthless sites and spam from your site,
  •      mess up the look of your site,
  •      significantly slow it down,
  •      Remove important links from your pages.
  •      delete important website files such as robot.txt file,
  •      And… .

How to deal with this negative SEO technique

Well, the way to approach this technique is to implement all the “Increase Site Security” solutions. If your website is WordPress, you have to do many different things. But if you have used the portal site builder, you just need to implement some small tips that we have explained in the tutorial provided by the portal.

Well, for WordPress sites:

  •      Ensure that a valid security optimization plugin is installed on the site.
  •      Make sure to create a strong password for the login panel.
  •      Make sure to back up your site weekly or monthly. Of course, if you create new content every day, you can do it every day.
  •      Do not download plug-ins and themes from the web and from non-original sites.
  •      Take care of the security of your computer and browser.
  •      Do not use the password you choose to log into your other accounts.
  •      And… .

Note: Of course, these were all necessary site-wide activities. In addition, you must ensure that your hosting company is also a reliable company and takes the necessary measures to maintain the security of the site. So it is important to buy from a reputable company.

2- Hacking your site to reduce your credibility with Google

In general, when Google realizes that your site is under security attacks and has been hacked, it will severely reduce your credibility. In fact, Google is afraid that hackers will upload information to your site that will reduce the security of users. (For example, an advertisement for installing an application that steals users’ information.) So, after it realizes that the site has been hacked, it informs you of this in the search console, and then lowers your site’s ratings, and, of course, for users who intend to enter the site. He warns you to get out. All of this greatly reduces the SEO power of your site. Therefore, this technique may be one of the negative SEO strategies that competitors are using. The solution to deal with this technology is the points that I explained in the previous chapter to increase the security of the site.

3_ Buying unwanted backlinks

If I say that the most common negative SEO tactic is buying spam backlinks, I’m not lying! As in the article “What is a backlink?” I also said that backlinks, i.e. links given to you from other sites, are one of the most important Google ranking factors. But the problem starts from where you accidentally buy links from untrusted sites, or because you don’t have enough knowledge, or you give too many links to your site. Both, and many other violations of course, signal to Google that you are in violation. Now when a competitor wants to compete unfairly with you, they will cheat Google. With this solution you can buy a lot of links to your site from unreliable sites. In this way, Google becomes suspicious about your site and may penalize your site. The penalty is a Google fine in which the rank of a page of your site or your entire site is reduced.

The solution to dealing with negative SEO technique

Due to the fact that this solution is very popular on the web, there are many countermeasures to it. For example, one approach is to enter a list of spam sites that most people use for negative SEO into Google’s disavow tool at the beginning of your site’s activity. In fact, Disavow is a tool that you can use to tell Google that some of the backlinks on your site are not yours and that your competitors have created them for you. Now, when you disavow a large number of these sites from the start and tell Google not to consider negative credit for any of them, you’ve somewhat protected your site.

But this alone is not enough. In fact, the main solution is to constantly analyze your site’s backlinks and make sure that only you buy a link. In the search console tool, Google gives you your backlink stats. But most of the time this statistic is not accurate. Therefore, it is better to use reliable “backlink analysis tools” such as MOZ or Ahref and analyze your backlinks at least once every two weeks. After you notice that new and suspicious links have been submitted to the site, be sure to submit them to the Disove tool so that Google will disable them.

Note: In general, if you have a good initial and good backlink building and buying business, most of the time, due to your good background, your competitors’ activities will be ineffective.

4- Harmful activity in social networks

For several years, something called a “social signal” has been added among external SEO factors. Indeed, in this factor, Google checks the credibility of your site in social networks and if it finds that the audience in social networks has a lot of credit for your brand, it will slightly increase the rankings of the site. For example, if your Instagram posts get a lot of likes or your content is heavily retweeted on Twitter, these are good signs for Google. Meanwhile, some SEO experts say that competitors may be able to reduce your site’s reputation with Google by vandalizing social networks.

The solution to dealing with negative SEO technique

Although I myself have not seen negative SEO in social networks, I suggest anyway that you create accounts for your site on important social networks, such as Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn, under your brand name, so that competitors cannot create accounts under your name your brand. You, do not sabotage.

5_ DDOS campaigns

In fact, DDOS is an attack in which a large number of bots suddenly enter your site. In this way, the host or server of your site, which probably does not have the capacity to respond to such a large number of users, stops moving and goes down, so to speak. This means that your site will no longer be shown to users as long as it is under these attacks, in this way, Google realizes that your site is not able to be shown to users, which lowers your rankings.

How to deal with this negative SEO technique

Well, the handling of this solution is actually the handling of the server level. That is, there is no special work that you can do from within the site. But you should pay attention to a few things when buying a website host or server.

     First of all, buy from a reliable company that can help you in this field if a particular problem occurs.

● The second degree is to go to a host or server that offers you services to deal with DDOS attacks in addition to its services.

     Also, buying a hosting CDN is one of the best options.

6_ Negative SEO through Google Maps

If you are familiar with SEO factors, then you know that one of the factors is your credibility in Google Map. In fact, in order to ensure the validity of your website and brand, Google also pays attention to the comments that users give on the Google Map of your business, now if these comments are positive, your site’s credibility will increase, and if it is negative, your credibility will decrease a little. You will find. Because of this, some competitors with a large number of accounts visit your Google Map and write negative reviews for you.

How to deal with this negative SEO method

Well, to be honest, due to Iran’s limited GMB, which is associated with “internet companies”, we are not very open to removing these negative comments. So we have to make it somewhat passive. How about any strategy to increase positive comments on your google map is strategy to deal with negative SEO technique.

For example, to directly ask users to post a positive comment.

  •      Create Instagram campaigns to increase positive views of your business map.
  •      Give users a discount on their next purchase if they leave a positive review.
  •      Ask people around you to post a positive comment and…

Note: According to some sources, if a user registers their positive opinion at the same time that they are at your business, you will get a slightly larger return.

7_ negative brands

Of course, it may not be right to raise this issue among negative SEO solutions, because this is competition on a business and brand level. Anyway, negative branding can affect your site to some extent. For example, by reducing searches for your brand name, reducing site entries, posting negative comments on pages about you, etc.

The solution to dealing with negative SEO technique

Dealing with this issue is not very technical and you should deal with it more through your marketing and branding approach. That is, try to increase the number of fans of your brand so much that some negative comments will not have much impact. In addition to constantly monitoring social networks and researching your name on the web so that you can respond quickly if your competitors intend to create a negative brand, this will make their work somewhat ineffective. For this, you must take the help of social network monitoring and web monitoring tools. For example, the free Google Alerts tool or the paid tools.

8_ Stealing your site’s content

Content plagiarism is one of the most unscrupulous strategies for negative SEO. In this method, the competitor tries to steal the content you have written and register it under their own brand name. what does that mean? See, especially when your site is new, Google will not see your content and register it as your site right away as soon as you post new content. In this case, competitors who have more credible sites and visit them in shorter periods of time (in other words, their indexing speed is faster than yours) copy your content and post it on their own site. This way, Google will see the content on its site first, and then when it comes to your site, it will identify duplicate content. In the future, when this action is repeated constantly, Google will mark your site as a fake site and may punish you as well.

The solution to dealing with negative SEO technique

First of all, you need to make sure that you have this problem. So, from time to time, search a piece of your content on Google, for example, find a paragraph of content you posted last week on Google and see if that content is on a site other than yours? If the answer is yes and in the search results Google shows you the fake site first and then your own site, you are probably in for this problem! So you have to act quickly.

The most important solution to get rid of this problem is to increase the speed of the Site Index. That is, make Google check your site and index its contents in shorter and faster periods of time. what about

  •      First of all, try to publish content in a timely manner and at a high speed at the very beginning of the launch of the site. For example, if you are at the beginning of a funnel, post content once every other day, at a specific time, or at least once a week, on a specific day and time of the week. (Every Saturday at 5)
  •      Secondly, once the content is published, post its link on social networks, especially Twitter, preferably on your own brand account.

9_ Remove the backlink

If you’ve read a bit in-depth and specialized in “link building”, you’ve probably heard them say to avoid buying or building temporary backlinks as much as possible. It means links that are deleted after a period of time, for example a month or several months. but why? In fact, removing previously granted links to your site is one of the negative factors and can not only reduce the credibility of the link itself that was taken to your site, it can even destroy the previous credibility of your site. For this reason, some people who are looking for negative SEO first find the links given to your site with the help of link analysis tools and then remove them by paying the site owner money or some other solution.

How to deal with this negative SEO technique

The solution to deal with this technique is to simply build links on reputable and well-known sites or at least buy links from people who really respect the professional principles of work and will not violate their moral values after a while to get more money.

How do we know if we have negative SEO?

Above, I mentioned what you should do to prevent negative SEO by your competitors. For example, continuous analysis of your site’s backlinks, web-level analysis for competitors’ attempts to discredit you, and so on. But after all this, if you suddenly encounter a sharp drop in site visits for no particular reason, know that the problem is likely to be negative for SEO!

In most cases, a sudden and severe drop in traffic is due to Google’s penalty and penalty for your own black hat SEO or negative SEO of competitors.

Downside Technologies Despite, Do We Ever Have a Chance?

It’s a good question, after reading all the negative SEO techniques, you might say to yourself that sure my competition could easily Google penalize my site and ruin all my efforts, but that’s not the case! what does that mean?

First of all, let’s check what Google thinks! In 2012, Google admitted that there was such a thing as negative SEO, but at the same time, Matt Cutts, a well-known Google expert, said: “In my experience, many people talk about negative SEO, but very few actually understand the idea. Their implementation and success is less! Small businesses shouldn’t worry about this either, because most of the time, these technologies are being implemented in very competitive and large markets.”

In addition, according to my experience, Google has been a bit lax in penalizing sites for some time due to fear of negative SEO and fear of punishing victimized companies, and they don’t penalize any site that easily.

In addition, as I said above, for most negative SEO techniques there are countermeasures, knowing which, you can get rid of the problem.

The last word

Well, we have come to the end of the article. In this article, we first understood what negative SEO is and then learned about several negative SEO techniques. We also learned how to deal with the unscrupulous SEO method. Finally, if you have any questions or comments about the article, post them in the comments section and I will answer them.