What is the WordPress language? Other WordPress programming languages

If you are just beginning to learn WordPress development, you probably have many questions. Including the question What is the language of WordPress? What programming languages were used to build this CMS and how should it be developed?

In this article, I want to explain to you in simple language what is WordPress programming language (the main language) and of course what sub-languages should you learn for WordPress development. I will also answer the question, what language should you start with in order to learn in this direction? Stay with me and this vignette.

What is the WordPress language?

PHP programming language!

In fact, the main programming language for the WordPress content management system, or the so-called back-end language, is PHP. You are probably familiar with this programming language, because in these few years, especially after the decline in the popularity of ASP, PHP has made a lot of noise in the programming market and managed to attract attention.

Of course, if you want to work as a WordPress expert in the programming market, you must learn other programming languages besides PHP. Therefore, in the rest of the article, in addition to a brief introduction to PHP, we will also learn about other necessary languages. In short, the other elements are:

  •      programming language
  •      CSS
  •      javascript
  •      smoothing the frame


HTML is not known as a programming language but as a markup language. Of course, this does not diminish the importance of HTML, because in fact, in the world of the web, everything you see is done with the help of it! If I want to put it more simply, the way to learn any programming language in the web world is to learn HTML markup language.

See the image below:

In fact, what you see in the image are HTML codes, and the interesting thing is that these codes are exactly what made you see the colors, images, texts, etc. on this page.

As can be seen, this language is made up of a series of signs and each sign has its own usage. For example, when you type text in the <Strong> tag, the required text will be displayed in bold on the screen.

2_ CSS

I can offer CSS as a brother or complement to HTML. In fact, CSS is another markup language that came to the web world with the help of HTML and made working with this language easier. With the help of CSS codes, you can modify the appearance of web pages more easily and with greater performance. For example, most of the colors you see on this page are not designed with the help of HTML code, but with the help of CSS. Of course, at the same time, you can do all the things that are done with CSS with the same HTML, but CSS is a better option next to it.

What you see in the image above is part of the CSS code. Pay attention, as I said, CSS and HTML are markup languages for designing the appearance of web pages. So practically all WordPress themes (the look of WordPress websites) are created and designed with the help of these two.

3_ the boot

Bootstrap is not a programming language and is actually a free CSS framework. The important point here is that you must be familiar with Bootstrap to design the template and look of any website. Because this framework leaves your hand open for responsive and beautiful templates. “Responsive” means a format that automatically changes its size in relation to a user’s device, computer, mobile phone, or…

4_ Javascript

I don’t think this programming language was supposed to be very popular with programmers from the very beginning. However, today JavaScript is known as one of the best and most popular programming languages. So much so that it has even been used in artificial intelligence. Anyway, you still need to learn this language to design the theme and look of WordPress websites.

5_ php

As I mentioned above, the php programming language is actually the “WordPress” back-end language. This means, finally, after designing the template with the help of the above languages, php behind the scenes provides you with all the necessary procedures to have a dynamic website. So in practice, if you are not familiar with php, you don’t know wordpress.

Where do I start learning WordPress development?!

An important question is what programming language should I start learning WordPress development from? The answer to this question comes down to what exactly do you want to learn from WordPress?

If you intend to design a website using only WordPress, you don’t need to know programming languages at all. If you want to become a WordPress template designer, you need to learn CSS, HTML, JS, and Bootstrap framework. Finally, if you want to become a WordPress back-end programmer, it is best to first learn CSS and HTML and then switch to the PHP programming language.

Did you know WordPress is the only way to design a website?

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The last word

Well, we have come to the end of the article. In this article, we first understood what the WordPress language is and learned about other sub-languages of WordPress programming. Also, at the end of the learning path, we checked out WordPress development.