Where do you start learning WordPress?

Now that I am writing this article in my mind, I imagine you are such a person; Anyone who has no information on how to create a site and only knows something called WordPress can help him out in this way! So, in the following, I will teach you the way to learn WordPress and tell you in simple language where should we start to learn WordPress? Stay with me and this great article.

Note: In the first part of this article, I will be providing WordPress learning resources and telling the necessary tips. In the second part, I teach the complete method of building a site with WordPress.

Where do you start learning WordPress?

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WordPress learning resources

For those dear ones whose goal in reading this article is to understand how and from what source they should learn WordPress, I will explain the following:

1_ YouTube (Free)

WordPress training on YouTube

Fortunately, Persian YouTube has been revived for quite some time, and surely if you are looking for WordPress training or web design training with WordPress at this level, you will find good channels.

Of course, be careful, I don’t suggest going to channels that only have an hour or two video uploaded! Instead, I suggest channels that teach you the whole process in short, segmented videos, part by part. For example, a video to teach you how to install WordPress on a host, a video to install a WordPress template, a video to learn about a page builder, etc.

2- Courses

WordPress training course

On the Persian web, there are many courses to teach web design with WordPress. Many companies and companies even organized free courses. Maybe if you go to the courses, the learning process will improve a little. Especially since some teachers really care about the quality of their education. Anyway, pay attention to these few points to buy or choose a course:

  •      It is better if the number of course hours is more than 10 hours. Short courses are generally not of good quality.
  •      Go through the courses where you will be taught how to work with the Elementor page builder. If they don’t write anything on the course page, ask the webmaster about it.
  •      In some courses you will learn css and html. It is not necessary to learn these languages, but if you are going to go deep into WordPress and work as a web designer in the future, find a course that teaches you these two languages.

My suggestion is not to go for courses that claim to teach you zero to one hundred internet marketing plus website design! Because every corner of online marketing has a world to say and it’s best to take separate courses to learn each (SEO, Advertising, Google Ads, etc.).

How to create a website using WordPress

Well, let’s move on to the second part of the article and see if you don’t know anything about website design, how can you create your own website with the help of WordPress?

1_ Choose your domain

You see, in the web world every website has an address. Basically this address or the same IP address consists of several numbers and dots (eg and anyone who enters this address in their browser can access the desired site.

But since those numbers didn’t exist, something called a sphere was created. Domain is actually the name of the website. For example, the domain of the site you’re on right now is This field will take you to the same digital address. In other words, when you enter this phrase into your browser, it is the same as when you enter the numeric address of our website. But for the convenience of users, all sites must have an electronic domain. There are a few important things to note about domains:

  •      First of all, any domain name can be registered with different extensions. For example, you can register our domain name, which is the entry, in the extension .co or .xyz, which we did not register. However, .ir and .com extensions are common in Iran.
  •      If you are at the beginning of the path, just go to the website and register there so that you can register any domain you want in the .ir extension from now on. .ir domains are very cheap.
  •      To buy a domain, you need to go to the domain buying sites. It is enough to search for the same domain purchase term in Google.
  •      When you register a domain name in an extension, no one else can register the same domain name in that extension until the expiration time, which will be between 1 and 10 years depending on your choice.

Note: If you are using a portal site builder, you don’t have to worry because all the necessary domain registration training will be provided to you while setting up the site and our support staff will be with you.

2_ Buy hosting

As I said in the What is a Host article, the host is actually a part of the server and the server is something similar to your desktop computer which is maintained in the hosting companies. In fact, we have to put our site information on a server, which is a computer that is running 24 hours a day so that users can access the site and see its content whenever they want.

Of course, to use the hosting, it is enough to purchase the right to use it, and the hosting companies that sell it to you on a monthly or annual basis are also responsible for the maintenance. To buy or rent a host, just search for the word “buy hosting” in Google and buy the desired host from a Persian company. Currently, you have to spend 300 thousand to 2 million tomans annually to buy a host to create a WordPress site. (400,000 tomans is enough to start a host).

In the process of purchasing a host, you can also enter the domain name you have already registered to connect to the host. This way, from now on, anyone who enters the desired domain name on the web will access the information within these hosts (which is your site).

Note: If you have used the portal to design the website, then you don’t have to worry about hosting because the hosting has already been purchased and your website is placed on it. In addition, hosting costs are included in the same “Website Design Fee” that you pay us.

3_ Download WordPress

Well, we have come to the main part of the article where we start learning WordPress. Now you have a domain with your own name. Also, you have a host whose login information has been sent to you by the hosting company. This means that only you can upload information about these hosts through the link, username and password provided to you. In the next step, you need to download the WordPress content management system. To do this, just go to the address below:

In fact, WordPress is a web-based software that has a small size, and after downloading it, you have to put it on the host to be able to go through the website design process.

4_ Download and install WordPress on the host

Uploading WordPress on a host is not a difficult task. It is enough to enter the host control panel and upload WordPress to it through the web-wide tutorials. (Use the article on installing WordPress on the host.) After this simple and virtual form, WordPress will be activated on your site. That is, by entering the domain name of your site in Google, you will enter this page:

In fact, as I’ve said in articles like “What is WordPress”, this content management system consists of two important parts. One is its core, it is designed with the help of programming languages, and you don’t see much of it in practice. But the second part is its appearance, which is known as a WordPress theme.

The point is, there are more than a few thousand templates on the web that you can install on your WordPress and give it the look you want. In general, templates are divided into two categories:

  •      Free templates that don’t have a ton of features but aren’t a bad option to start with.
  •      Non-free templates that have more features than the first category.

In any case, you can download the desired template from sites such as Jacket or Rastchin, which are WordPress template and plugin sales markets for Persian speakers. After downloading, you will add it to the site using the Add button in the WordPress panel.

5_ privatization model. The hard part!

Many people think that installing WordPress and designing a website with it is very easy, and after installing the template, everything is done. But in fact, the most important part of this process is privatization. This is what makes the price of “WordPress website design” soar sometimes!

At this point, you need a plugin called a page builder. Page Builder is a plugin to add to your WordPress that allows you to customize your website pages without coding. Of course, working with it requires experience, and it’s not like you can build a website without any background. See the image below:

What you see above is a view of the popular Elementor page builder. Here you can privatize parts of the page by dragging and dropping the required elements (left part of the page). Also, in the following, you must enter more specialized and give the desired settings for each of these items.

6_ Install basic WordPress plugins

I mentioned above that page builders are actually a series of plug-ins. But maybe you still don’t understand what a plugin is? A plugin is something similar to a template. That is, we download them from different markets and sites and install them on WordPress, with the difference that plugins are not supposed to change the appearance of the site after installation.

Instead, they will add a series of features to the site. For example, there is a plugin that, after installing it, will change your site dates, which are English by default, to Farsi. Or there is a plugin that allows you to change the fonts of the site easily and in a few clicks after installation.

Now there is an important point, that is, we have more than 10,000 plugins on the web, and installing a large number of them on the site can reduce the speed and efficiency of the site. Interestingly, many people do not pay attention to this point when learning to design a website with WordPress, and in those early days they install so many plugins on their site that they face many problems.

Anyway, as a professional website designer, we must know that first of all, we only need a series of necessary plugins, and secondly, if we find a strong need for another additional feature, we must look for valid and certified plugins in order to add the ability To add to the site. Basically, plugins that have a large number of installations and are constantly updated are valid. But what are the essential plugins?

SEO plugin

SEO is what makes you appear in Google search results for the words you want by your audience. I’ll talk more about that later, but what I’ll say for now is that most sites need an SEO plugin. Of course, this plugin will not easily optimize your site for SEO and bring it to the first pages of Google. SEO plugins simply help you make the specialized parts of this time-consuming process a little easier. Currently, legends like Rank Meth and Yoast SEO are the best options.

Security plug-in

Many people say that WordPress is a CMS with low security and they consider this to be one of the drawbacks of WordPress. But really, I think such a claim is unfair, and by the way, in many cases, installing a security plugin can eliminate most potential security problems in WordPress.

These plugins take actions such as reducing user access or creating a hard password, thus increasing WordPress security. If you want my opinion, the All In One WP Security plugin is a good choice. This plugin is completely free.

Backup plugin

Another measure that increases the security of the site is the installation of a backup plugin. This plugin constantly, for example, once a day or once a week, makes a backup copy of all the information on your site, so that if something goes wrong, you can quickly restore it and not lose a lot of information from the site. Currently, the popular Updrafts plugin, which does not have a free version, is a good choice.

Speed plugin

Speed is one of the most important factors that improve the User Experience on your site and increase user satisfaction. Of course, it also increases the SEO power of the website. There are many speed plugins on the web. These plugins improve site speed by making changes to your site’s code and other actions. Currently, the non-free Wp Rocket plugin is a good choice. Also, the company that created it has another plugin called Smush It, which increases speed by reducing the size of site images. Install both if you want my opinion.

Add page builder

The template you purchased may contain a page builder plugin. For example, the popular Flat Sam theme has its own plugin called Ux Builder, but there is a possibility that you will have to purchase a separate plugin for your theme. The plugin depends on which plugin is compatible with your theme, but most templates today are basically compatible with the Elementor page builder plugin.

Store builder plugin

Finally, if you are going to create an online store from your site, you must install the popular and free WooCommerce plugin on it in order for your site to become an online store.

7_ Make settings

We are in the final stages of learning WordPress and we need to change some settings on the site. stay with me

Unique links settings

Unique links are actually links or URLs. Once you have installed WordPress, you have to go to the settings section and the unique links section and select the option shown in the image below.

This way, your page links won’t be filled with a string of meaningless numbers and phrases.

WooCommerce settings

Well, to be honest, the WooCommerce settings have a lot to say. From setting the unit price to product shipping settings and… So, I can’t say much about it, and it’s best to go to the article “WooCommerce Persian Installation Training” for more information.

Settings for new additions to the site

Many of the plugins you have installed on the site need to change their settings. For example, if you install the Rank Math plugin, you must first register on the Rank Math website, then connect your account to the plugin and do basic SEO settings. Or if you have installed the Rocket plugin, you have to adjust the settings one by one to increase the speed at which they are placed.

But the point is that most plugins are designed in such a way that they are easy to configure. For example, this Rank Meth plugin gives you all the necessary explanations for each option so that if you are not familiar enough, you can complete the settings.

change the font

Finally, if your form does not have the default font of your choice, you must change it. It would be very easy to do this on sites where the Elementor page builder is installed. There are also plugins that allow you to easily change the font on the site. But if you don’t have either of these, you should get help from an expert and upload a new font through the host.

8_ Start online marketing with WordPress

So far, you have already designed a website with WordPress, and a good part of the WordPress learning path has been covered. Now let me briefly explain the path you should take to your WordPress internet marketing.

Search engine optimization of the site

If your audience is searching for words on Google to reach a business like yours, then you definitely need SEO. For example, if you sell cell phones on the site, many of your audience will Google the name of the phone they want to get to sites like yours and buy their products from there.

Now, in the SEO process, by doing things like writing text articles on the site and of course other specialist work, you help Google recognize your site as a valid one and rank your pages for different words. It would be a good choice to start reading “What is SEO” article.

Email marketing

In general, in the world of the web, many of the audience, after entering the site, do not perform any specific action and leave it. For example, you may reach 1000 visits per day and only 10 of those thousands of people will buy your products.

Now, email marketing is one solution that allows you to increase your number of buyers and your overall conversion rate. In the process, under the pretense of sending a small gift, free tutorial, or useful pdf file, you will receive the contact email address from the same. Then from time to time you will send him interesting content like the latest article posted on the site. Finally, at the festivals you organize, you encourage the audience to buy the product via emails. For more information, read the “Email Marketing” article.

10_ Marketing in social networks

Marketing in social networks, especially Instagram and Twitter, has a very good return in Iran these days. In this process, we try to publish content that is interesting, valuable, or sometimes entertaining, and of course related to our product, so that the audience becomes our user.

Given the extent of this topic, which you are probably somewhat familiar with, I won’t explain too much and will direct you to my Instagram Marketing article.

Internet ads

Finally, part of the internet marketing process comes with the help of online advertising. Ads on Instagram, ads on Google, ads on mobile apps, etc. Of course, basically, companies get help from advertising after a period of time in which they have been able to make a good income, unless they have a special strategy from the start.

The last word

Well, we have come to the end of the article. I think I have fulfilled my promise in this article and was able to explain in simple language how to learn WordPress and tell you where to start learning WordPress. Finally, if you have any questions about any part of this article, I am waiting for you in the comments section. In fact, if you are still thinking of starting your online business in the simplest way possible, use our free 7-day portal store builder test and get your site up and running in less than 2 minutes.