10 important points in writing a scientific article

If the scientific essay written is to be presented at the international level, it is necessary to follow the principles of essay writing. Therefore, information must be obtained before it is written.

Basic points in writing a scientific article

When writing a scientific article, you should pay attention to several research points. In this article, we try to find out among the important points in the field of writing a scientific article; Let’s name 10 important points. By following these ten points, we can make our search successful.

1. Essay topic unit

The first important point in the field of writing a scientific article is the unity of the topic of the article. The unity of the topic of the article indicates that there are no multiple topics discussed in the text of the article. In other words, the essay should discuss a single topic and avoid an overabundance of topics. The essay should be written on a specific topic. Not noting this point reduces the coherence of the topic content.

2. Unit of time

Another important point that the researcher must take into consideration in the field of writing a scientific research article; The unit is time. The author must keep the time of the essay consistent from beginning to end. Historical comparisons and references to the past are not an obstacle in terms of examples and arguments, but the course of investigation must be linked to a specific time. Of course, in historical discussions, this principle finds another meaning that varies based on the specific method used in the text.

3. Unity of place

The sample population and examination of the topic in a specific place and scope should be consistent throughout the article. Naturally, when you do field research, you should collect your data from one place so that the variables involved in that data don’t vary too much. Because the multiplicity of variables makes the results obtained incorrectly, and for this reason, emphasis is placed on the place unit in the article.

4. Consistency

The meaning of coherence here is the integrity and non-multiplication of the content presented in the text of the article. In other words, the essay should present its discussed content in a clear and logical manner in the form of coherent arguments in order to prevent any dissonance.

5. Significance of the result

The conclusion drawn by the researcher from the article must be reasonable and compatible with current research methods at the global level. In other words, you should adjust the article based on the documents and theories of the scientist and, if necessary, weigh your assumptions based on them.

6. Innovation

Each article should suggest an innovation and present it in reader-friendly language. From the perspective of theorizing, we have four types of research methods for innovation. Expanding or improving existing theories, comparing different theoretical points of view, examining a particular phenomenon using different theoretical points of view, and finally studying a documented and recurring phenomenon (research already done) in a new environment and conditions. The promotional article is generally placed in the first two groups. The easiest way to discover an innovation and write an article about it is to refer to the title of future research for other people’s articles. Of course, this is possible depending on the skill you acquire; Create your own article title.

7. Cover letter

about writing a scientific article, the cover letter that is sent to the editor with the article; It’s very important. And, of course, if this letter is written clearly and accurately; It has a significant impact on the acceptance and review of the submitted material.

8. A detailed description of the search results

In this part the results obtained from the research are mentioned. The main findings of the study should be stated in clear and precise words without exaggeration. Various methods are used to present the results. The use of numbers, tables and graphs helps to present the material in a simpler way. But it is necessary to fully describe and analyze the data of tables and charts. In cases where statistical methods and tests are used to verify the results and analyze the data, their type should also be mentioned. Any kind of negligence in this area can cause a heavy blow to the entire discussion.

9. Sources of scientific articles

In the end, it is necessary to mention all the sources used in the research in a favorable manner. The method of writing sources differs in different publications, and it is better to use the guidelines of these publications and the conditions for writing articles. References and sources used in preparing the scientific article. They should be described in detail in the references section.

Review and revise the article

This point is often neglected by researchers. After writing the article, be sure to take the time to review and revise the article. Try not to read it for a few weeks. Because after a while, your mind will be ready to come up with new ideas and solve possible past problems. Give the article to professors, friends, or people who have good experience writing articles, and get their opinions. Try to include the points they made in the final copy before submitting.

Paying attention to these 10 points can greatly help you improve the status of your author’s article. It is clear that all researchers try to note these points in their articles, but in most cases, due to scientific preoccupation, they do not pay attention to these points, and this fact makes a scientific article prepared with great effort to face failure. .

Therefore, our main recommendation is that research friends and graduate students remember these points before any kind of procedure to write a scientific article, and after doing so, they can have the necessary confidence to translate the article. And finally submit it in a reputable journal. Because noting these points can play an important role in the process of writing an essay, and these points are all obtained through research experiments. As the sages said, the experience of the experiment is wrong; So we should all pay attention to these points.