20+ Instagram content creation ideas

If I say that the biggest problem with creating Instagram content is finding ideas, I’m sure I’m not exaggerating and you’ll probably agree with me. In fact, I now know of more than 10 online businesses that have stopped producing Instagram content simply because of a lack of ideas and have given up on their opportunities in this social network.

Because of this and due to the fact that many clients of website builders and portal store builders also face the problem of finding Instagram content creation ideas, in this article I am going to explain everything you need to know about it.

Two points are important to the idea of creating content on Instagram

Before moving on to the ideas and checking them out one by one, you should pay attention to two very important points. In fact, these are the basic requirements to start “Instagram Marketing“.

1- Determine the type of content

When you go to content marketing training resources, you will come across different numbers regarding the ratio of promotional (product) content to educational content. For example, some of them tell you that 30% of your media content should be about the product itself, and 70% should be topics that are interesting to the audience, such as education, etc. This means that out of every 9 posts you have in the cryptocurrency space, 3 are related to your cryptocurrency training course and another 6 are educational posts that have value on their own to the audience. For example, analytical training, important points and other exercises.

But in general, you should know that there is no exact number about this percentage, and my suggestion is that you check it out by testing and producing different types of content and see how much your audience likes the content related to the product and how much educational and non-educational content. Ad content they like. Of course, be careful, it is very common for users to pay less attention to advertising content than to educational content. But the point is that your page should not be empty of relevant content. You may end up with 1 in 10 posts circulating about the product, which isn’t a bad choice either.

2- Decide on a post-story strategy

If it was a year ago and I wanted to write this content, I would definitely focus on Instagram posts. But today’s experience has shown that stories are more important than posts, and even if you don’t pay attention to stories, according to new algorithms, your posts will likely not be noticed either.

For this reason, I suggest that by reading through your Instagram content production ideas, decide whether each one is appropriate for a story or post. Also, I strongly suggest that you focus on stories.

Instagram content idea

Well, let’s get to the point. In the following, I will give you one by one the ideas that I think are useful in Persian Instagram and even if possible, I will show you examples.

1_ Tell the audience about microtechnology at REELS

Rails was actually added to Instagram less than a year ago, but the point here is that this social network is currently showing great importance to the contents of this section. If you don’t know what Rails are, read the “Instagram Rails” article. But in short, this is a new section added to Instagram where you can post short videos of 30 to 60 seconds.

Anyway, if you can give the public small tips and small but practical techniques related to your work at REELS, it will get a lot of attention. Because Instagram increases the views of these videos and shows them to many people in Explorer. (between 1 and 3 views!) For example, if you have an art teaching page, you can teach the audience a technique about producing sound in 30 seconds and post it on REEL.

2_ memes

The memes are actually what you see in the image above. An image with short text and, while related to the content of your page, contains humorous content. There are a few important things to note about memes. First of all, you should not post them in large numbers, unless your general content strategy states that you have a page with humorous content. Second, memes are shared by many audiences, and if you can create engaging content with their format, they are likely to attract a lot of followers for you.

3_ Questions and answers in the story

One of the most interesting ideas for creating Instagram content is the question and answer in the story. Especially on counseling pages, for example, lawyer or psychology pages, Q&A stories are highly appreciated by the public. Of course, in other angles, the interaction of such stories and content is more than other content.

Let me also teach this little technique. Many successful and big pages before posting on their Instagram ask a question about what the post is about in the story and post the answers the audience has so that a general discussion is formed around it. In the end, after publishing their post, they quickly make it a story and ask the audience to read the post to get the full answer. In this way, the engagement of the post increases and the probability that it will go to the explorer increases.

4_ Talk about common myths and mistakes

Another popular type of content on Instagram is content that tells the audience about these misconceptions and myths about a particular topic. For example, 3 common myths about clear skin or 5 devastating sales mistakes. If the content you create for these posts and stories is really useful, you can count on getting followers through them. By the way, if you like, before moving on to the next idea, open the article page “Content Production Checklist” and have a look at it after you finish this content.

5_ Post positive user comments

Until a few years ago, many people thought that only store pages could post audience comments in stories or posts, but today we see that many blogs, even cooking training pages, etc. are posting positive comments from audience about themselves in stories and cause . They create more trust between them and the new users.

6- Create an experience questionnaire

If you pay close attention, in general, websites whose audience shares their experience are very popular. For example, on the Persian web, there is a site called Nini Site, which is a site related to women and mothers. In fact, most of the success of this site is due to the fact that in the forum and FAQ section, women share their real experiences on various topics.

You can now leverage this strong user interest to get real experiences. For example, publish a story and ask the audience to present the best restaurant in town or tell the name of the best cosmetics brand they have used over the years.

7_ Introduce yourself from time to time

Basically, after attracting many followers with the help of ads or a popular post, successful Pages will introduce themselves to a new audience on their Instagram story through a series of stories. This makes it easier for new users to connect with the brand and increase page engagement. Also, if you are a shop page, you can post the positive opinion of previous users in the same field as your intro stories to build more trust.

8_ View the result of using the product

Many store pages can easily generate content from the result of using their product. what does that mean? For example, SenH has been producing flavored syrups for some time and has been teaching the public on a dedicated page how to make delicious drinks or so-called mocktails with these juices.

Of course, you don’t have to show them how to use the product; For example, you could post a photo of someone who has received dental or composite lamination services from you so that users can see exactly what they are getting after paying you and communicate the end result.

9_ Interviews with clients or influencers

Interviews are another highly shareable Instagram content creation idea that you can literally use as a “word of mouth” marketing tactic.

But an interview with whom? If you can, go to influential and brilliant people in your field and interview them about the reasons for their success. If you can’t, meet your clients. For example, I know an Instagram page that is active in SEO training and has a 40-60 minute live session with a course participant every week. In this live broadcast, the course participant talks about his successes and the techniques he used to improve the site and bring it to the first page of Google.

10_ Create content behind the scenes, but not in the normal way

In fact, in all the articles written about Instagram content creation ideas, they ask you to create content behind the scenes of your business. But I say, given the popularity of this idea, don’t take it casually! This, instead of posting some normal photos and videos of your workforce, add a fun factor to the scene.

For example, if you’re friendly with your troop and have a joke, let them take pictures of you while you’re having lunch! Or, for example, call the company’s support number and try to picture it running the sales force!

(Be warned, if you don’t have a joke with your business members and suddenly want to implement such ideas without prior background, you will likely fail quickly and drive your audience away from your brand.)

11_ The show before and after

In general, the before and after content is attractive to the audience. For example, even though I’m not at all interested in decorating, I followed a page on Instagram that does a kitchen renovation, and the only content it has is a before and after photo of the work starting.

12_ Using directions

A trend is a topic that has become popular or buzzing among users in a short period of time. Fortunately or unfortunately, the situation in Iran is such that every week it becomes a new topic that is popular with people! One day a psychiatrist talks badly on TV and another day a celebrity speaks in a nasty, uncomfortable tone. The point is, most of the time you can use these trends and create content about them that will bring the audience to your page.

For example, I remember when one celebrity said nasty things on his Instagram page, another Instagram page that works in the field of personal success education made a post and pointed out that those who follow these people definitely don’t expect them to speak more meaningful words! This short post went viral due to its attractive cover with a celebrity’s photo on it.

13_ Get help from UGC

UGC is actually user-generated content about your brand or product. For example, the mere fact that a user takes a picture of a product from you and sends it to you is UGC, and at the same time, the audience of the Red Bull brand creates exclusive sports videos for this brand, created by UGC. However, at any level, these videos have a huge positive impact on your brand credibility. You can also grow your UGC by running contests that encourage your audience to create your own.

14_ Create self-revealing content!

If you pay attention, those brands that occasionally point out their mistakes are becoming more popular with the public. Because users believe that these brands are really honest with them. As a result, you can from time to time tell about your wrong experiences and wrong actions in posts and stories, and at the same time teach the audience the lesson you learned from the mistake, and increase their confidence.

15_ Create satisfactory content

Satisfying content is content that the audience likes because of the special video effects or sounds it contains. For example, a video of rubbing slime dough that makes cute little sounds.

If such topics are likely to exist in some part of your product production process or even a corner of your business, you can make videos of them and hope they get shared more often. For example, cooking pages could make powerful use of this idea while slicing food.

16_ Publish a report

While many people think that publishing the report is not helpful for social networks in Iran, Digikala has at least proven that this is not true! In fact, companies mention in the reports how many customers we had over the past year, which product was the most attractive to users, important events that took place in the industry, and so on.

Exactly as Digikala mentions such things in its report at the beginning of each year. The point is, if you post really interesting and useful content, that content may get shared and of course increase your brand credibility.

17_ Live Q&A

During a conversation with some online business owners who built their sites using Portal Site Builder, I realized that many of them do not post directly to their pages because they are afraid of the camera. Of course, there are exercises and techniques to overcome this fear of the camera, but if you are not interested in it at all, you can go live without having to be in front of the camera!

what does that mean? That is, simply point your camera at the PDFs you have placed on your computer or TV screen, or at each point of the camera at the products, and by photographing them, answer the audience’s questions about your business and your products.

18_ holding a contest

Many Instagram pages are holding contests with no specific purpose! But remember, this is one of the worst possible choices! In fact, every Instagram contest should pursue specific goals, such as increasing brand awareness, increasing credibility among existing audiences, or attracting new followers.

This is how you determine how users can participate in your contest. Like, they should create a story for one of your posts or create content with the help of your products and send it to you.

19_ Share previous content

You see, on the site when you post content because that content is supposed to display in Google and every time a user searches for words associated with it, you will never lose your hard work. But this is not the case on the Instagram page.

In fact, many of your Instagram content practically disappears after a while and can’t even be seen in Explorer and hashtags. Given this, if you have content that you put a lot of effort into creating and of course users pay a lot of attention to it, then repost it in the story or posts section to make it more visible and also for your new audience to pay attention to it.

20_ Introducing the employees

Another idea for Instagram content is posting stories to introduce employees. In these stories, you introduce each employee along with their important characteristics, course, experience, etc., so that over time, the users of the page feel closer to your team and business.

21_ Make interactive posts

In general, any post and content that can encourage users to comment or share is interactive content. (If you like it, read the Engagement Rate article and use its points of interest.) Of course, the idea I have in mind is this kind of humorous content that encourages the audience to send the content to one of their friends.

For example, if you have an eyewear store page, create a post and write it in the caption (Send the post to your friend who always wears your glasses.) In fact, you should see here a very common behavior among users and tagging to make the post go viral.

22_ Get help from elders

Yes, part of your content can be quotes from great people in your field or successful people in the world. For example, if you work in marketing education, occasionally create posts and stories with valuable quotes from great people like Flip Cutler. You can even post native quotes that are very popular with users in your industry.

23_ Create content from events in the form of a blog

Whatever field you are active in, you will certainly be invited to a series of seminars and webinars from time to time. Now, one of the best ideas for creating admin content is creating content in the form of a blog from the event. For example, a story at the beginning of the action, a story during the break, another story when the speaker is making an important and practical point and…

24_ Irregular content

The idea of creating relevant Instagram content

Generally, in your Instagram content calendar, you should have content around events. Now, whether or not you cater to religious occasions is up to you, but some occasions may be directly related to your work. For example, World Marketing Day, World Medicine Day, etc., each can be a separate post, and it can even include gifts for users.

25_ Solve problems with content calendar!

Let me share with you a little experience. If you, like many other people, are constantly worried about the content of your page and do not know what content to post today or tomorrow, you can be sure that creating a content calendar in which you plan at least for the next 15 days will eliminate this problem to a large extent. Because of the importance of the topic, we have talked about “content calendar” in detail in one of the articles.

The last word

Well, we have come to the end of the article. In this article, we got to know 20+ Instagram content production ideas, Instagram post ideas, and management ideas. Finally, if you have an idea, if you have any questions or if you want to give an opinion, I am waiting for you in the comments section.

In fact, if you want to take your online business one step further and launch your own website, use the 7-day free trial of our portal store builder and have your website ready in less than 2 minutes without paying any fees. If you have any questions