The best social media management tools

If I’m not mistaken, it was about three or four years ago when I was looking for social network management tools on the English web, I found different tools and realized that none of them serve Iranian users, or at least their capabilities are expensive to buy, which is Far from expected, I missed it.

But fortunately, today the situation has changed and even many Iranian companies have developed tools that can make the marketing process in these media very easy for us. Given this, in this article, I would like to introduce you to the best Persian and English web tools that are useful for all Persian web users. stay with me

What is the best social media management tool?

Friends, in the first part of the article, I will introduce you to useful tools. In the second part, I will go through the popular tools on the English web and if you are abroad, you can get help from them.

1_ new axis

It is a matter of pride that the first tool on this list is an Iranian tool. According to what is written on the Novin Hub website, this tool helps you manage about 13 social networks. The list of these networks is as follows:

  •      Instagram,
  •      cable,
  •      Twitter,
  •      Facebook,
  •      pinterest,
  •      linkedin,
  •      cameras
  •      eta,
  •      yes,
  •      Soroush
  •      Youtube,
  •      Tumblr

The interesting thing is that Novin Hub provides you many features to help you manage your social networks. For example, you can sign in with multiple accounts, you can easily rate and reply to your direct messages and…

Also, one of the main advantages of this tool is that it allows you to use the free version and switch to the paid version if you are satisfied with it.

2_ Tarlow

Trello is actually a project management (teamwork) and content calendar tool. According to several years of experience in the field of “online business”, I can assure you now that more than 70% of successful internet companies in Iran use this tool. Especially after Corona, the use of this tool has grown exponentially.

However, Trello allows you to use many of its features without having to pay anything, and only when your business grows to a huge size and needs more, you should go for its paid version. Of course, the paid version can be purchased in foreign currency and dollars,

With the help of this tool you can create a series of different boards and define in them, for example, the content to be published on our social network next week. Also define what actions everyone on the team is responsible for or what content will be posted. The highly attractive User Experience of this tool and its simplicity allows you to get help through it with minimal expert knowledge in the web world.

3_ Difficulty

Once again, I am honored to present an Iranian tool! In fact, Tescolou is something similar to Trello, and especially after Trello started harassing Iranian users, many Persian web audience turned to this tool.

The important thing here is that this tool offers you several features that you can use for free as long as your business is small. Of course, if we want to make a fair comparison, Trello certainly has more capabilities than Tescolo, but in any case, given that it is Iranian and there are no problems like sanctions, using Tescolo probably makes perfect sense.

4_ Google Drive

Again, if your goal is not necessarily a social network content management tool but rather a content calendar, Google Drive will help. In fact, if you only have one Gmail, Google provides you with a series of tools, all the contents of which are stored on your Gmail account and on the Google Drive system. For example, you can set weekly tasks for the month in Google Calendar and also inform the rest of the team about each part of the calendar by sharing the link.

Or if you like, you can set up new schedules to be emailed to team members. In another example, you could use Google Sheets to create a more detailed content calendar and share it with your users. You can also upload the content that should be uploaded to Instagram or the site to your Google Drive and tell the “Instagram Marketing” department to download and upload it to Instagram.

The most important advantage of Google Drive and Google tools in general is that they allow you to use them without paying for them. Of course, Google Drive itself forces you to purchase subscription packages if your files exceed 15GB in size.

External social network management tools

Well, I want to move on to the second part of the article. In fact, in this section we only learn about tools that are made and used abroad. There are two important points about these tools. Some of them may have banned Iranian users from the beginning or some of them may do so in the future. For example, over the past month, the tool, which was known as GTMETRIX in the world of “SEO and website optimization” and helped users increase site speed, blocked Iranian users.

Secondly, in my opinion, buying any of these tools does not make sense for us Iranian users. For example, perhaps for a user in America who is going to work with a social network management tool, paying $50 per month is very reasonable and wise. But certainly when it comes to paying this price in dollars in Iran, we know that such a price is unreasonable for most Iranian companies. So, it’s best not to go for them in the first place, or at least go for tools like Buffer, which generally have a limited plan but are completely free.

5_ buffer

If we want to introduce the best social media management tools, Buffer will definitely be among the top three. In fact, this tool is very popular on the English web and is used by many companies.

The point here is that Buffer allows you to use a series of features in its free version and more or less satisfies your needs. For example, in the free version, you can schedule content to be published over time. But at the same time, there are some limitations in the free version. For example, more than one user cannot log in or you cannot use their social network analytics capabilities. Given the relatively good features of the free version, if we don’t have any problems with this tool in terms of sanctions, we can use it in Iran as well.

6_ Hootsuite

Well, to be honest, Hootsuite works as the promise and the first in the social tools market and offers a lot of features to the English users. But considering that after one month you have to pay a huge fee to buy it, of course, it wouldn’t make much sense to use it.

7_ social buds

A very attractive tool with a solid user experience and, of course, creative capabilities, which in the end is not very effective for Iranian users due to the high cost. In fact, this tool is exactly the same as the Hot Suite tool, it allows you to use its features for free for one month, but in the end, when you want to use it permanently, you have to pay between $80 and $100 per month. In any case, if you are going to pay this fee, know that this tool gives you the same capabilities as a CRM or customer relationship management tool.

Brief introduction to social network management tools

So far, we have learned about the best tools and software for managing social networks. Considering that maybe many other tools are not useful for Iranian users, or at least I am not aware of other useful tools, let me give you the rest briefly, and then I will move on to another category of useful tools that are available in the networks. It is socially useful.

  •      Agora Pulse: An attractive tool for post scheduling, social media activity, and competitor analysis.
  •      Sendible: A social network management tool that is especially useful for agencies and companies that have many clients and need to manage their pages in a regular and scheduled way.
  •      eClincher: Another tool that gives you features like scheduling content, managing directions, and other things that will ultimately save you time.
  •      Social Pilot: A fairly convenient and low-cost tool that provides features like posting on time and the like.
  •      CoSchedule: I don’t have experience with this tool, but based on what’s written on the web, it’s one of the best Content Calendar and social media management tools out there. This tool also has a free version.
  •      MavSocial: This tool is said to have a free version and features like scheduled posting of posts, etc.

Other tools for managing social networks

Well, like I said, let me introduce you to some other useful tools to make the article more useful. In fact, these are not social media content management tools, but tools for better marketing in them!

Kavan, Zelka, Datak, Newsbox and for listening to social networks

For several years, something called social listening has been found among online marketing solutions! In fact, given that many audiences today share their positive and negative opinions of brands on social networks, every strong brand must strictly monitor the level of web space and social networks. why? To ensure that the user does not express a negative opinion about it, and the negative opinion becomes a crisis for the brand.

Also, the brand should monitor the positive feedback and create a good feeling in the user by responding to it. Now this is where tools called Social Media Listening Tools were created to address this need. These tools will help you find the phrases you want in social networks such as Twitter, Instagram, etc. For example, if a comment is posted on Instagram today and your brand name is in it, the tool will notify you.

Also, some people use these tools for feedback marketing. In this method, the brand checks the words related to its business and as soon as it publishes content in its line of business, it goes to it and advertises its brand by posting an ad comment or whatsoever meaningful comment. On the Persian web, sites like Newsbox, Zelka, and Kavan have created tools for this that you can use.

BuzzSumo and marketing98 competitor analysis

Well, another important tool that you need for social media marketing is competitor analysis tools. Currently, tools like BuzzSumo on the English web and tools like Marketing98 on the Persian web will help you in this direction.

Tools to increase followers!

Another thing that you should be aware of and of course not use are the “follower increase” tools! In fact, there are tools like the Ninjagram robot on the web that, by automatically following and unfollowing others’ pages, makes your brand better known and increases your Instagram followers.

But the point is that, based on the new Instagram algorithms, such a solution will primarily increase the risk of your account being closed, and secondly, it will reduce the engagement of your account and reduce the power of your page. So just know that you should not go for such tools.

The last word

Well, we have come to the end of the article. In this article, we have come to know about the best social network management software and tools for Iranian users. Finally, if you have any questions or comments, I am waiting for you in the comments section.

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