The most important changes in the Instagram algorithm

If you take a look at the Instagram algorithm from 2010 and compare it to what it is now in 2022, you won’t see anything in common! In fact, the new Instagram algorithm has changed so much that if you don’t want to learn about it and act according to it, you’ve definitely lost half of your potential to succeed on Instagram. So stay with me on this article as I honestly explain everything you need to know.

What is the Instagram algorithm?

You see, today all social media and even search engines, including Google, Twitter, YouTube and our own Instagram, have an algorithm that is a combination of commands and artificial intelligence. In fact, based on a series of commands, these algorithms try to find valuable content from tens of thousands of content posted daily and put it in front of users’ eyes, as opposed to removing worthless and unattractive content from the public eye.

As an internet marketer or social marketing professional, you must be aware of the Instagram algorithm and its details. In this mode, you can adjust all your activities, from content creation to audience interaction, based on the behavior of the algorithm, and you will get the best and most feedback.

How do we know the Instagram algorithm?

In general, we have 3 sources to determine the behavior of the Instagram algorithm:

  •      First of all, the content and information that Instagram itself publishes on its account or website and explains about the algorithm.
  •      Secondly, the content published by major English educational websites.
  •      Thirdly, our own experience working on Instagram.

Top points about the new Instagram 2022 algorithm

Alright, enough of the details. Let’s come to an agreement. Next, I want to explain everything you need to know about the Instagram algorithm from inception through 2022.

1_ It’s hard to see it in the feed!

The Instagram feed is actually the part that is displayed with the home icon. In this section, the posts of the people you followed are displayed. In the past, every time you entered the feed, the Instagram algorithm displayed the most recent post of one of your followers (the person you follow). But today, Instagram decides which posts users will see at the top of their feed based on these factors:

  •      user interest in the topic,
  •      the amount of user interaction with the page,
  •      Involvement of the desired function.

In simpler words, if you are a page where the audience interacts with you constantly, sees your stories, likes your posts, and of course your posts get a lot of likes and comments at the beginning of publishing, then the posts are supposed to be See more in the feed section. Otherwise, not only will your post not be shown in Explorer, many of your regular audience won’t even see it!

2- Shelf life has become important

Until now, the retention time factor was more important to Google and “SEO”! But lately and in new algorithms, Instagram also pays attention to it. In fact, based on Instagram algorithms, when a user spends more time viewing your post, the post’s visibility in feed and explorer increases. Now, the user might take the time to watch the video of your post, want to read the comment text, or even think about the riddle you raised in the post. In any case, you have to get your audience to spend more time on the post by any means.

3_ The amount of total interaction is crucial!

I have previously talked about the “Instagram Engagement Rate”. In short, your page engagement is calculated based on the number of followers, likes, comments, and shares of your posts. For example, if you have 1,000 followers, but your posts are only liked 10-20 times, you will have very little engagement.

The point here is that the level of interaction between each post and your content plays an important role in the visibility of the post in both Explorer, Hashtags and Feed.

4_ The fake follower will finish your work!

In the past, buying fake followers made your new audience view you as a brand original and follow you. But today, fake followers attack your page in two ways:

  •      First of all, it causes your account’s overall engagement to drop dramatically! Like a page with 10k fake followers and its posts don’t even get 100 likes.
  •      Second, it makes today’s Instagram audience, who are more aware than in the past, aware that you have fake followers and they don’t trust you.

This problem is so important that many Instagram pages that bought fake followers in the past, after the new Instagram algorithm update, completely deleted their pages and started their activities in a new account. It’s even interesting to know that many marketing professionals go to the page’s followers section from time to time in a week and delete accounts they think have little or fake engagement so that the overall page engagement doesn’t go down!

5_ The story is the secret of success!

If I say that today the story is known as the secret to Instagram’s success, I’m not lying! why?

Because the new algorithms of these media today give great importance to the story. This means that if you post fewer stories than your competitors, you may be less likely to be seen.

Also, if you can attract the audience to your stories, you can increase their engagement in the first moments after publishing a post and news in the story and make the content appear in the feed and in the explorer.

Pay attention, in the case of stories, just like posts, Instagram in the feed section, stories show you the people you interact with the most.

6_ Time still matters

It’s true that Instagram today decides whether to show your post and story in the feed based on factors like interest and engagement, but time still matters. In fact, you should use the information in the Insight section of Instagram to determine the time of day when your audience is most active and post at the exact same time.

This way, you are more likely to view your content and thus increase their engagement and go to the explorer or the top of other users’ feed. Of course, in the meantime, some people might tell you, for example, that 8-12pm is the best time to make a post, but remember that there is no general rule and you should act on the behavior of your audience, not what other people say.

7. Authentic communication has become more important

In the past, when it came to sharing, everyone just looked at likes and shares. But today, the Instagram algorithm pays attention to whether the audience really likes your page and shows interest in it or not? How about by checking out these factors:

  •      How many comments do each of your posts get and do you respond to comments?
  •      How many live audiences come to direct you and talk to you?
  •      How many users in the story interact with the Q&A, etc. box?
  •      After viewing stories, do users respond to them and contact you?

The more genuine audience engagement with your page, the more Instagram will show them, and of course, you’ll factor in more growth opportunity in Explorer.

8_ Explorer is no longer fixed

In the past, if a post was sent to Instagram Explorer, all the public would see it. But today, Explorer has been completely privatized! This means that even if you and your friend are interested in topics such as electricity and electronics and you are constantly viewing content related to those topics, your explorer may still show content that is not in your friend’s explorer! why? Because Instagram tries to show you the most similar content based on your detailed behavior around each post, time spent on it, likes, comments, shares, etc.

9_ Rails Will Save Us!

Rails is a new feature in Instagram. In this feature, Instagram allows you to post short videos of 15 to 30 seconds. Of course, bars time has recently reached 1 minute.

Now the point is that from the launch until now, Instagram gives a lot of importance to bars. In fact, most of the time, the Instagram algorithm takes you quickly to explore and display them to a large number of audiences. Because of the high potential of the rods, it is very important that you use them.

Tip: One of the most important factors in seeing bars more is whether or not the audience has seen them through to the end. Therefore, it is better to post short clips with interesting content and not use long videos.

10_ Cheating has become difficult!

If you are active on Instagram, you will have noticed that these days Instagram is severely penalizing and suspending pages! In fact, today the Instagram algorithm may mistake you for a bot and block your page over the smallest thing. For example:

  •      If you log in to the account with the filter breaker multiple times,
  •      If you have multiple administrators,
  •      If you follow and unfollow a lot,
  •      If you are behaving suspiciously and constantly leaving comments for other pages,
  •      And… .

11_ Increase content monitoring

Another change in the new Instagram algorithm is increased content monitoring! This means that your content may be quickly removed or at least not seen by many users due to non-compliance with copyright law, non-compliance with Instagram’s rules on posting violent content, etc.

How to hack the new Instagram algorithm?

Well, after all this, how can we make Instagram care about us more than before and its algorithm expose our posts and stories to the audience more? Actually, the hard part is here! stay with me

1_ Please stop focusing on the content!

Open your Instagram now and check out the 5 pages whose stories appear on your feed page?! In fact, if you pay attention, these are the pages whose stories you want to see every day. but why? This is exactly the point I want to make.

Surely, when these pages want to post a story, they don’t just think about posting some regular stories so that the Instagram algorithm will take care of them. In fact, before choosing any content, they ask themselves if that content will be really attractive to their users, who is my type?! In other words, if you only think of posting a series of vulgar and mundane content and view it as a boring task, you definitely won’t see any particular difference. If I wanted to briefly mention some elements of good content:

  •      The Story: Tell a story, from your own story of how you started your day, to a customer’s story of how your product or service changed their life, even on a small level.
  •      Humor: Humor works even in the worst of situations! Of course, it is very important that the topic of humorous content is related to the topic of your page.
  •      UGC: Finally, you need to interest new audiences in you by posting UGC about you, for example, a story they post about your course.

2_ Take marketing comments seriously

Commentary marketing today is one of the best ideas to attract audience and increase followers. In this solution, you should go to the posting pages whose audience is also interested in your product or service. For example, if you sell cosmetics, aim for a pony sale page.

After that, you must interact with the audience or the owner of the page itself within the posts of the desired page. For example, give a real opinion about his post, if he does not answer the opinion of the audience, answer the questions and … (Of course, it is better not to advertise yourself directly.) This way, new audiences who enter the page to comment or read comments will recognize you And if you have interesting content, they will follow you.

If you want to pursue this solution more seriously:

  •      Learn to write a little humor because humorous comments come up often.
  •      Go to the posts of the big and popular pages and comment on them.
  •      Leave a comment right after the post is posted, not hours later.

3_ Do not abandon the audience

In my opinion, one of the most terrible scenes on Instagram is the one where a lot of users commented under a post, but the owner of the page left his comments unanswered! Given what I said above and the importance of authentic communication, make sure you are active after you post and respond to the public in the first minutes of commenting.

4_ Use unhappy crowds!

If you are familiar with marketing concepts, you know that a dissatisfied and angry customer who turns into a satisfied customer with your skills will always be your most loyal user! In light of this, and of course, due to the fact that the Instagram audience always has an excuse to criticize, I suggest that you always be alert to negative comments and respond to them in a way that not only the commenter but other users feels good about you. and strengthen their relationship.

5_ Don’t miss the directions!

If you spend 5 minutes and count the parties that popped up in Iran in the last year, you will realize that there are more than 30 of them! From the psychology lady who advised people to save on food, to the controversial statements of some celebrities and…

Now here’s the thing, a successful marketer can use many of these hot trends and topics to their advantage! For an example, see the post below:

In fact, the owner of this post used a trending topic and invited a large audience to his page by swiping it properly. If you can learn the skill of browsing hot topics, you will surely succeed in increasing your Instagram followers.

6_ Don’t forget the hashtag

It is true that the Instagram algorithm has changed a lot, but hashtags are still considered as one of the most important factors for increasing followers. So:

  •      It is best to keep the number of ticks between 10 and 15.
  •      Don’t just look for short hashtags and try long and less competitive hashtags.
  •      Do not use irrelevant hashtags.
  •      Make sure to test different hashtags to find the best one.

7_ Go back to the old content!

One action that most people on Instagram don’t get help from is using old content! See, on the website when you write content, that article is always available in Google. But on Instagram, if you can’t repost or at least promote the content in the story after some time, you’ll practically keep it as dead content on your page that doesn’t create any value. Therefore, from time to time, be sure to bring some old posts back to the public.

8_ Tell a story in the story!

In my opinion, a story made to tell a story! See the image below:

This is a good educational page that has gained a lot of audience just for telling the good story in the story. The interesting thing is that when you tell interesting and relevant stories, you draw the audience into your story and make them always wait for your story.

In addition, as the audience becomes more interested in the story, you can suddenly show the audience an old post in the middle and at the height of the story you are telling or announce that your new post will be published at all. This way you will get maximum interaction.

9_ Have the recipient activate your notification

Instagram has a feature that allows the user to activate a page notification. In this way, as soon as the requested page publishes a story or a post, the user will be informed of this in the form of a notification.

Now, if you can get the audience to trigger your page’s notification, you’ve caused posts to get a lot of engagement at post time and move quickly to the top of your feed and explorer. It depends on you and your creativity. For example, some use the excuse of a lottery, some use the excuse of the post being deleted 1 hour after posting, etc., which encourages the public to turn on the notification.

10_ Use all story features

The various properties that Instagram adds to its story can, firstly, increase the engagement of your audience, and secondly, increase the humor and entertainment of your content. So use all the features of the story.

11_ It is always updated

Now that I’m writing this article, Instagram has added a feature in the new update that allows the page owner to pin 3 of their content at the beginning of the page and actually increase their engagement! Using this new feature has led many professionals to move their posts to Explorer. In fact, updating is one of the most important points of “Instagram Marketing”! This means that you should always be up to date and know what are the new features of Instagram and how to use them to increase sales or followers.

12_ Use the location tag

Instagram allows you to use location tags in posts and stories. Of course, it is true that this feature is not as popular in Iran as it is in European and American countries, but in any case, its use has a small and positive impact on your page.

13_ Be regular!

Yes, just as Google’s algorithms take care of the regularity of posting content, Instagram is extremely important that you post regularly and consistently to make sure it’s really consistent in your funnel and worthy of being sent to others. Present the audience.

The last word

Well, we have come to the end of the article. In this article, we first understood what the Instagram algorithm is and how it works. Then we got to know all the tips you need to know about the Instagram algorithm. Finally, if you have any questions or comments, I am waiting for you in the comments section. I really suggest you also read one of our best Instagram Marketing articles, our “Instagram Bio Tips” article.