Types of effective and influential marketing

While there are more than 150 types of marketing in the world, most Iranian business owners end up using 6 to 7 of them! In fact, being unfamiliar with common marketing techniques means losing many audiences and of course losing the high potential of these marketing techniques to make money.

So, if you do not want to be among the business owners who lose many opportunities due to lack of sufficient knowledge, join me in this article to introduce you to the types of marketing suitable for the Iranian market.

Marketing types

There are a lot of marketing methods and techniques out there but in this article I will try to find really effective ones instead of wasting your time. Also, for some methods and types of marketing, we have separate articles which I will link to in the middle of this article so that you can get more information about them if needed.

1_ Traditional Marketing

The most popular marketing method! This is what you’ve been watching for decades. In fact, all methods such as advertising on television, urban advertising, posting ads in newspapers, buying billboards, etc. are part of traditional marketing. Of course, the presence of the word traditional in the name of this method of marketing does not mean that it is outdated. As you can see, traditional marketing is still very popular, but after the advent of online marketing and the spread of the web world, it has seen some changes.

2- External marketing

Outbound marketing refers to all the marketing and advertising methods by which the brand and the business itself go out to the public. For example, if you post your ads somewhere like on TV or an Instagram page, you are doing outbound marketing. The most important advantage of outbound marketing is that you have to annoy the audience in some way to get their attention.

3- Internal marketing

A new revolution in the world of marketing and of course the opposite of external marketing! In this way, instead of going to the audience, we try to be present in a place where the audience comes to us at the right time. For example, after you “launch the website,” you can SEO it in Google. This way, when the audience searches for the desired words to access a web page in order to purchase a mobile phone, they will land on your site page.

Here we did not show ourselves to the public by force and inconvenience, but simply in the right place and time in front of his vision, and this is the reason for the higher conversion rate of this marketing method than the external marketing method. . In general, all marketing methods presented in this article and all others are either inbound or outbound marketing.

4_ digital marketing

The term “digital marketing” or digital marketing, which is often confused with internet marketing, refers to all marketing strategies in which we use digital tools. This means that advertising on TV, which is a digital tool and device, is considered to be a type of digital marketing, and similarly, advertising in a particular mobile app, which is also a digital tool, will be a part of digital marketing.

5_ Internet marketing

It is considered the most important sub-branch of digital marketing in which we use all the tools and solutions available in the web world to attract audience, increase sales or brand. Today, every internet marketing subset has as much to say as the world. For example, social media marketing, website SEO, or online advertising. Below, you will learn about some of the other subsets of internet marketing. If you like it, have a look at the article “What is SEO?”

6_ Content Marketing

Content marketing itself is a big, wide world, which is of course a subset of internet marketing and inbound marketing. In this way, by publishing content in the web world, we try to introduce the audience to our brand first, then encourage them to follow our media and finally convert them into buyers.

Of course, an important point is that content marketing is not just limited to the web world! Even if you read the history of content marketing, you will realize that the first brands started doing it by publishing magazines and print content.

As a good example of content marketing, I can point to “Instagram marketing” where we try to let the audience know our brand exists by publishing posts and stories and then encouraging them to buy. This article you are reading now is the result of content marketing, the purpose of which is to introduce you to our brand and in the future to encourage you to purchase products such as the “Shop Maker” product.

7- Marketing in social media

Due to the great popularity of media such as Instagram and Telegram in Iran and Facebook, etc. abroad, it can be said that social media marketing is recognized as the most popular method and type of marketing today. The most important part of social media marketing is content creation. Of course, today, due to the tough competition, just producing plain content is not the answer, and we should go for producing really engaging and creative content.

8_ Video marketing

According to statistics published in 2021, about 87% of marketing professionals said that using video in their marketing strategy had good results. This problem and of course the audience’s strong interest in video has made the choice of “video marketing” one of the most important marketing strategies for many brands.

9_ Email marketing

I have already mentioned “email marketing” and its importance in several articles on the portal site. In this method of marketing, we first try to get the email address from the recipient under the pretense of sending free training, sending a gift, or something else. In the following, we will try to send him emails with different and attractive content on a weekly or monthly schedule with the help of email marketing systems.

In this way, the interaction and communication between us and the audience has increased over time, and in the meantime, by sending promotional emails, we encourage them to buy the product directly or put it in the sales funnel.

In addition, if you think that email marketing will not be effective for your business and other Iranian companies, know that this method of marketing is currently the second or third method of marketing for many companies in Iran.

10_ Marketing influencer

In this type of marketing, we first go to an influencer. An “influencer” means someone who is considered a trusted and respected person in the target community of our product. Secondly, this person advertises our product, service or brand. Now this advertisement may be by submitting a post or story on his own page or by attending our company event, etc. Finally, because of the great credibility that person has in the eyes of the audience who are interested in our product, if we use this method of marketing properly, we can generate a lot of sales and branding. If you need more information, read our Influencer Marketing article.

11_ SMS marketing

You may already be aware of this. In this method of marketing, we try to get the contact number of the audience who are interested in our product or service in the first step. In the second step, we send them promotional SMS messages or directly try to encourage them to buy one of their products.

Of course, SMS marketing can be implemented in another way. In the second method, we receive the audience number, not from them, but from advertising companies, and send them advertising text messages without permission. Considering that this method may cause us negative branding, we must not treat it carelessly.

12_ personal marketing

In 2019, a study found that 79% of consumers feel that brands know a lot about them. However, 90% of them still want brands to have this information about them to make buying cheaper, easier and more enjoyable. In fact, in personalized marketing, brands try to use the information they have from each audience and send them more attractive offers.

For example, at present, if we enter a wall location application and see some ads of the car category, the next time we enter this application, the same wall will automatically show us car ads first, and this is exactly an example of personalized marketing: using information and audience behavior to make more offers gravity.

13_ Brand marketing

In brand marketing, the business tries to create a positive general feeling about its brand among the audience with the help of stories, humor, etc. For example, the description you see on the About Us page of an Iranian website, where the story and idea of forming this business is told, is a small effort in the direction of brand marketing.

As a more concrete example, I can point to the story of the Mohammadi brothers, who had an unsuccessful experience of buying a camera in the market and then thought of launching DigiKala in order to practically prevent other masses from having such an unsuccessful experience. In addition to creating a good feeling, this story also reminds the audience of DigiKala’s mission, which is to create a good online shopping experience.

14_ Secret marketing

In covert marketing, the advertisement of the product, service or even the brand is shown to the audience in such a way that he himself is not aware that he has been exposed to an advertisement. For example, when you are watching an action movie and the main character comes out of the building and looks at the Rolex on his hand and then goes to the car. This is actually an example of covert advertising or marketing covert for this watch brand. In Iran, brands still do not use this method of marketing as they should.

15_ gang marketing

Guerrilla marketing or guerrilla marketing is one of the creative and low cost marketing techniques. In this way, the brand tries to make a lot of profit from its advertising at the lowest cost, with the most creativity, and to appear among a large audience. As an example, look at the image below:

In fact, this environmental advertising is an example of guerrilla marketing, which gets the audience talking powerfully about the advertiser’s brand and actually makes them reach their goal.

16_ local marketing

Let’s move on to another type of marketing. In local marketing, a company personalizes its advertising based on the location of the advertisement, which can be a website or a magazine in a specific city. As an example, imagine you have an Instagram page teaching how to start a business. Now, when you want to post this page ad on your high visited motivational instagram page; You publish a motivational post and link it to starting a business and promoting your brand. This way, you’ve tried to localize your ad to make sure you get the most return from this page’s audience interested in motivational content and success.

17_ Conversion rate marketing

Conversion rate marketing applies to all methods and types of marketing. In this method, experts try to use different techniques and tools to increase the conversion rate of the audience to buyers of advertising or marketing method. For example, the text of a banner ad may be changed during online advertising so that more audiences pay attention to the ad. Or, for example, increasing the speed of the site so that the audience that entered it through Google can access the product page and purchase more easily.

18_ Business to Business (B2B) Marketing

All activities aimed at selling a product or service from one business to another are part of B2B marketing. For example, Snap’s attempt to sell its enterprise transportation services to another company. Or, say, the Kale brand’s attempt to sell cheese and yogurt to groceries!

19_ Catalog marketing

In this method, which has been mostly implemented in Western countries, the company will send its product and service catalog to the customer. Of course, even today, when companies offer their product catalogs in PDF format to the public, they are marketing the catalog in some way.

20_ Marketing effectiveness

In event marketing, which has become very popular recently and after the spread of Corona, the company organizes an online or offline event and introduces the public to its product, service and brand. For example, holding a large seminar on behalf of a company that sells building materials with the presence of leading presenters, humorists and, of course, inviting the audience of this field to attend the seminar.

21_ Web marketing

Web marketing is a sub-category of event marketing, where your event should be held through a “webinar or webinar”. For example, many brands today present their products or services to the public by holding a free one- to two-hour educational webinar.

22_ Loyalty marketing

In this method involving different techniques and tools, the brand does its best to increase the loyalty of the previous audience, as well as convert them into buyers again, and make them talk about the brand with those around them. For example, a small birthday greeting from the first mobile operator and a free gift for Calling Day are an example of loyalty marketing.

23_ Neuromarketing

Neuromarketing is one of the broad types and methods of marketing. In this method, marketing professionals use techniques that, based on scientific research, have a significant impact on the mind and behavior of the audience. For example, using the word free or cheap in the title of the page. or, for example, stacking the profitable products of a large grocery store on the right side of the aisle; Because according to research, the public pays more attention to products arranged on the right side.

24_ close marketing

A marketing method in which the business tries to send the desired advertising content to the audience with the help of wifi or bluetooth.

25_ direct marketing

Direct marketing

A marketing method in which we communicate directly with each audience through email, contact number, SMS, etc. to sell the product.

26_ Marketing from door to door

In this method, the company’s marketers go directly to the audience’s homes and advertise the product to them. In fact, this method is very troublesome, but if the marketer is skilled, it can bring a lot of profit to the company.

27_ Mobile marketing

In this method of marketing, advertisements are sent to the mobile phone of the audience. For example, sending push notification ads or sending ads in mobile apps.

28_ Marketing newsletter

In this method, the brand receives the audience’s email for the purpose of sending newsletter emails. For example, the newsletter for posting new articles on the site’s blog. This marketing method itself is a subset of email marketing.

29_ Nice Marketing

Niche Marketing is a commercial and marketing strategy through which a brand tries to enter a very special and exclusive market and attract its audience. For example, if instead of entering the mobile phone bag market, you are entering the market of selling only mobile phone bags for girls, you have done niche marketing. The most important advantage of niche marketing, as I said in the article, is less competition in the market and the possibility of quick brand promotion. (The Niche Marketing article is really interesting content, I definitely suggest you take a look at it.)

The last word

Well, we have come to the end of the article on the types of marketing. In this article, we got to know more than 20 types of popular marketing methods. As you may have noticed so far, many effective marketing methods require a website or online store to be implemented.

So, if you haven’t created your website yet, you can use our free 7-day trial of our portal store builder. By the way, if you have any questions or comments at the end, I’m waiting for you in the comments section.