How to erase a computer hard drive without affecting the operating system

The last step is to erase the computer’s hard drive using DBAN. If you don’t want to scan all drives, press the Internet key and then use the arrow keys on your keyboard to navigate to the desired drive name. After entering this article, find a way to install Windows 10 via a USB drive, using the Media Creation Tool, because other methods are also described. TRIM manages memory and ensures that data is erased properly. Signs of RAM burning in your system include degraded performance, frequent crashes, video cards not loading at boot, and incorrect RAM information in the Windows system software. Doing so will give you a full list of hardware, software, CPU, network, disk, and RAM checks.

You can check almost all hardware aspects of your system with this software. After the Windows hard disk is formatted, all files waiting to be overwritten are already deleted and replaced by a string of 0’s and 1’s. Wait for the file to burn to CD. After downloading, burn it to a CD using Windows’ default burning tool. Insert the burned CD with the corresponding ISO file into the optical drive and start the computer. For this reason, it is said that if you delete a series of files by mistake, do not make any changes in the system, including deleting files or adding a series of new information in particular, and immediately run the file recovery tool. Keep in mind that in this method, whether or not the entire hard drive is erased, including the data stored on all drives, especially C, so be sure to back up important files.

If you are not a company or organization and need this tool for personal use, it is not necessary to purchase the premium version. The free version cleans your hard drive with great intensity! The higher the number you choose, the longer the process will take and the more pressure will be placed on the hard drive, but each time, the probability of data recovery will decrease. To use and run the Windows Memory Diagnostic Tool, you have to press the keys at the same time to open the Run window for you. Go to System and find recent files called Memory Diagnostic. This problem also applies to solid state hard drives. MemTest86 is known as the best RAM test tool in Windows. The best way to prevent hardware parts from failing and burning into your computer is to run a test to identify problems with your computer’s hardware. If you are using Windows 10 and are looking to erase your computer hard drive without affecting the operating system, then using Reset This PC is the best possible solution. There are different generators whose job is to fill the hard drive with random and corrupted data in order to eliminate the possibility of restoring the previous real files.

If you are using HDD memory, the following method is helpful for you to erase data securely. When you delete a file, all of a sudden nothing and the 0’s and 1’s associated with it will be deleted from the hard drive. It is possible that the files you saved to the hard disk after this happened will not be immediately saved in that particular location and placed in other empty sectors (or with usable tags). This is why we insist on erasing your computer’s hard drive before handing it over to another person or company. The reason for not being able to use the following method on both types of disks is the difference in how the information is stored. RWEverything is one of the most powerful tools for identifying computer hardware problems. In this article from Farazsoft, we have provided you with a training on testing, troubleshooting and identifying computer hardware problems. 3. Reinstall the operating system: After following the tutorial in the next part and completing the DBAN process, reinstall the operating system using the “Windows 10 installation tutorial from a USB (flash) drive” link above. For this purpose, in this article from Farazsoft, we intend to provide you with a complete training on testing, troubleshooting, and identifying computer hardware problems.

In another article, we will learn how to erase a computer’s SSD hard drive. It is not wise to implement the usual methods of cleaning mechanical hard drives on an SSD. On the other hand, it is not wise to delete files normally before giving the system to someone else, because then it will be easy to recover them. You can use this name to correctly identify the required drive when running DBAN to scan your computer’s hard drive. Now, the question in this section is what are the vulnerabilities that can be found in a computer using the test to identify computer hardware problems? In this case, use one of the solutions below. Go to Drive Wiper. Select the Free Space Only option with the number of times you type. So stay with us. So stay with us. In the next step click on Remove Everything and then select Remove Files and Clean The Drive. In the following, we will introduce you to both types of tools. With PC hardware tests, you can scan anything in the system before it crashes and identify system vulnerabilities.

Then, we have brought you a very powerful software in this field, by using any of these tools, you can identify and fix hardware problems in your system. Now you should recognize the hard drive. Click Scan to start. If you are sure that you have backed up the necessary information, tap Reset and wait for the job to finish. 1. Prepare the Windows 10 installation file on a flash drive: You need to mount Windows 10 on a DVD or flash drive using the Media Creation Tool. First, back up your important files. On the other hand, a large part of the vital data of many users is stored in the same drive and must be irretrievable. In other cases, you have to press and hold the hole in one of the edges of the body with a sharp object. Press I at the same time and then search for Recovery. Finally, Windows will ask you to restart your system. You can also download a set of software components that can be added to your computer to provide additional HWiVFO features and functionality.

Don’t forget that your belongings will be deleted by doing so, so be sure to back up all important files to an external hard drive, flash memory, DVD, or cloud space before starting the process. Among these methods are DoD 5220.22-M and Gutmann Wipe. The third method is to use the Drive Wipe tool in CCleaner. By pressing the spacebar, this drive will get a wipe label and will be cleaned in the next step. Select another random number generator by pressing the P key. Others will enter the boot settings menu by pressing the Delete key or F12 after booting. Remember that it is never possible to recover data from a hard drive that has been wiped by DBAN, so don’t worry. Delete files or empty the Windows Recycle Bin, don’t think it’s destroyed forever.

Parts that generate heat often malfunction, move, or burn out over time. The next step is to boot with DBAN. Depending on the motherboard of your desktop or laptop system, entering the boot settings menu has a different method. After applying any changes to the default settings, the clock in the upper right corner will display a different number as an estimate of the operation time. This method is not the most perfect and takes the most time, but in any case it will relieve your mind of irretrievable data. For example, consider a situation where you are selling a desktop or laptop computer and need to format your hard drive, even though the buyer has asked you to keep the operating system for some reason. If you’re looking to make some changes to the default cleaning process, use the shortcuts at the bottom of the page. If you want to focus on hard disk testing, you should install CrystalDiskInfo. This software contains 13 different RAM test algorithms and supports DDR4, DDR2 and DDR3 RAM.

This PC reset tool reinstalls Windows 10 after formatting your hard drive and at the same time deletes all your personal files during the process. Enter this menu and set the boot priority to the optical drive. If you have a series of vital and very important information you need to make sure that it cannot be recovered if the hard drive is in someone else’s hands, this method is worth spending time on. One of them allows you to erase the desired drives without having to reinstall Windows. After the options are displayed, tap Reset this PC. When using an SSD, Windows will automatically enable the TRIM feature for it. Otherwise, you have to take a different approach. Depending on the size of the files, the process takes different time to complete. Wiping or otherwise called formatting a computer hard drive is a different procedure. Another advantage is that it supports ATA, SATA and SCSI connectors.

Fortunately, this Windows default tool is designed in such a way as to ensure that your files cannot be recovered. There are many tools to ensure that files on all drives are unrecoverable. The C drive cannot be formatted using the Windows special tool for scanning the computer hard drive that we mentioned in the first method. In the next part of this article, we will explain how to do this. Because you will expose irreversible risks to the hardware part of your system. As a result, other files may be stored in this area in the future. Carefully browse your desktop or laptop computer’s drives and keep your data in a safe place. Your computer’s central processing unit (CPU) uses RAM to store short-term information, and you know that when your system shuts down, everything in RAM goes away. DBAN is one of them. Using the M key, you can select one of the six available ways to format your computer’s hard drive. After the task is finished, a password will be displayed in green next to the name of the deleted drives.

You may have to wait a few seconds while the program collects the data. Of course, RAM also has problems and failures. Compared to the above methods, CCleaner is less efficient and of course easier to use. To avoid problems, consider the worst case scenario and imagine that the person who buys your desktop computer or laptop is curious and inquisitive! Otherwise, you need to find the way to enter the boot menu on Google for your desktop motherboard model or laptop model. If Windows does not automatically display the results for you, right-click Start and open Event Viewer. To do this, insert a raw CD into your optical drive, and then right-click the ISO file downloaded in the previous step. The next step is to download DBAN and burn it to a CD. On some laptops, to enter the boot settings, you need to turn off the system and then hold your finger for a few seconds on the recovery key, which is located next to the power key. Then type and enter mdsched.exe in the relevant box and hit Enter.

After marking, press the F10 key to start the process of scanning the computer’s hard drive. In addition, you must have a copy of Windows 10 to install after erasing your computer’s hard drive. In this case, the information of all partitions in addition to C: may be accidentally deleted. Wiping your computer’s hard drive is necessary in some situations. The need to not touch the operating system sometimes occurs even though the computer hard drive has been erased. The problem occurs when the C: drive is one of the device disk partitions. In the article “How to install Windows 10 from a USB drive (flash memory)”, we have explained fully in this regard. This method is longer and at the same time more professional. Another way is to erase all data including the operating system and reinstall it. As a result, although you do not see a file in File Explorer or Windows Recycle Bin, and even the operating system shows the space previously available to it as free, in fact it is still there!

When the process is finished, you will have a healthy, clean operating system free of personal files. By doing this, the hard disk is filled with a series of incomprehensible (and replaceable) data, and there will be no more healthy information to recover. In this case, the operating system marks the space allocated for the required file as usable. This tool actually deletes data that is marked as usable space even though it is on the hard drive! The free version of DBAN makes it easy for you to permanently delete all files and supports six deletion criteria in this regard. One is free and the other is premium. It is a more powerful program than Microsoft’s Windows Memory Diagnostic Tool. Right-click on the C: drive, after selecting the properties, enter the hardware tab. From the options, click Burn disc image. To use this method you need two things. There are several ways to do this.

DBAN is about 15MB in size. If you open your computer, you know that there are a lot of devices in it. You’ll find Performance Monitor and customizable datasets in Data Collector Collections and can access them. This program provides information about various aspects of a hard drive. Even if you delete your data from the storage, a curious user will often pull the deleted items out completely intact, using file recovery and recovery tools to get your characters back to life. To perform a memory test on your RAM, you need to use the Windows Memory Diagnostic Tool. The first is a copy of DBAN (Darik Boot and Nuke). 2. Mount DBAN to bootable media: After you have prepared the Windows 10 installation file, you need to format the drives. Before formatting a desktop or laptop hard drive, consider its type. The need to keep the operating system intact is not limited to when a desktop or laptop computer is sold, and several scenarios can be identified for this.

Windows 10 has many default utilities. Enter This PC and check your C: drive Download and install CCleaner. Upon entering the site, the download will start automatically. If that drive is called OS C: or Windows C: no problem. After you are done, be sure to remember the drive letter of your disk for the next steps. By formatting the hard drive of a laptop or desktop computer, the operating system will also be erased from it, although there is no way to avoid touching it. This means that you can change any kind of setting, no matter how small. HWiVFO provides detailed reports and graphs on CPUs, GPUs, motherboards, drivers, and peripherals. To do this, we first introduced two important tools in Windows. After the test, your computer will restart.