Input RAM and computer hard drives

In this article, we will introduce you to the computer’s RAM and hard disk, the most popular brands of manufacturers, and methods for determining the required amount of memory completely on the computermagazine website. Let’s explain how to increase the speed of memory in a computer. Regarding the computer hard disk, increasing the capacity will definitely reduce the speed. This company, which was formed by bringing together experts from different countries, has a hand in the production of RAM and hard drives. After replacing the CPU, we expect everything to be in perfect conditions, but sometimes this does not happen and the so-called system does not boot or Windows does not work. In the past, Windows was unable to recognize the new graphics card and when I did this replacement it used the default driver, but by deleting the old driver and installing the new one everything was fixed. In general, there is no need to do this, because Windows is smart enough to notice that a new processor is installed. This memory has taken the processor speed one step further by doubling the memory speed. The second most important factor in memory is its capacity. If you don’t have it, be sure to buy one of them. On some systems, the heatsink and cooler are attached to the main memory, be careful not to damage the RAM.

In addition, you should check which generations and CPUs are supported by the motherboard. For this reason, the use of this driver in SSD hard drives is more common. Therefore, researchers are looking to improve algorithms for searching memory and transferring information in it. Having received a read or write address from memory, the hard disk drive sets the needle to the desired sector and reads or writes data. In other words, before being executed by the CPU, programs must be inserted into RAM and kept in the queue. This feature doubled the data transfer rate and brought the memory speed closer to the CPU speed. This memory is fickle. This generation of computer RAM reduced clock rate and power consumption and increased memory speed. Of course, due to the high sales of memories achieved by this company, it can be considered as one of the owners of the memory market. The third reason in this regard is that the motherboard does not support the processor installed on it.

2. Remove the four screws that attach to the heatsink and processor from the motherboard. 7- After placing the CPU in the socket and closing the cover and latches, apply the appropriate amount of silicone paste to the processor and place the cooler on it. 6- After removing the cooler, slowly open the processor holder latch to access the processor board door. In this type of hard drive, there is no mention of rotating disks, tracks and sectors, and flash memory is used. Make sure to put the CPU into the corresponding socket according to the small arrow on it. The technology of making SSD memory is similar to flash memory. In Iran, Kingston rams have many admirers due to their versatility, long life and adequate speed. This is because DDR5 uses two 32-bit buses instead of one 64-bit bus. First, turn off your computer and unplug it from the power outlet. First open the first latch and then the second latch. 11- Now you have to put the fan and cooling tubes back in their original place. DDR1 is the first generation of this type of memory that was unveiled in the year 2000.

With the growth of the CPU and other memory-related parts, DDR1 can no longer respond to all processor requests in a timely manner, and this led to the emergence of DDR2 in 2003. CPU upgrade generates more heat, so the processor fan and heatsink must be able On dissipating excess heat, otherwise you should consider stronger cooling. The point I have to make about the server that we stress a lot is that you should use a new cooler and heatsink for the new CPU, unless you have already used a powerful heatsink and cooler to dissipate the heat. High capacities of RAM for very special purposes and powerful computers usually have very high processing volume. The history of the creation of this company dates back to 1989, and from the same years Taiwanese G-Scale has become one of the powerful manufacturers of memory modules.

In addition, the operating voltage of this memory has been reduced and therefore its power consumption has been significantly reduced. Since the speed of these memories is much lower than the speed of the processor, one of the most important things is to increase their speed. Regarding the computer’s RAM, it must be said that nowadays you can find fewer computers or laptops whose RAM is less than 4 GB. Although the main specialization of this company is the production of RAM, among its products you can also find high-quality and durable hard drives. The hard drives offered by this company are of various types and are available in capacities from 500 to 2 GB. In hard drives, there is a constantly spinning disk with a needle. A computer’s hard drive is where information is stored forever. But its different types have different speeds and capabilities, which we will talk about later.

So, in this context, we suggest that you visit reputable laptop repair service centers, and also rely on Falnik specialists to upgrade the CPU of HP and other brands laptops. Sometimes the processor is stuck in the heatsink, so you have to gently separate the CPU from the heatsink with a screwdriver. Using a plastic utensil or small spatula, gently spread the cream you are applying on the CPU all over the surface of the processor. If you don’t have any specialized equipment, use a vacuum cleaner or vacuum cleaner that has a low speed and doesn’t spin the propellers. But if you find it and have an intention other than using very popular programs like Office, KMplayer, etc. For this reason, many experts in the field of memories have tried and by making fundamental changes in the way they are made and managed, they have made the memory speed as it is now, and we will see what If she will arrive. For this reason, it is best to save them immediately after making changes to your files so that you do not have problems with RAM.

Therefore, less CPU time wasted. At the appropriate time, the RAM will transfer the program to the CPU for execution. DDR4 requires less supply voltage. Note that computer RAM more than 16 GB will not affect the speed of your computer. In this generation of RAM, technological advances have come with the help of computer RAM and halving the internal clock frequency. So, if you are planning to buy a computer with high RAM, before spending extra money, get help from an expert. The basis for making these memories is the same across all brands, but using a special potter’s foot might make it a trusted brand. This American company began its activities in 1994 and now it is one of the largest manufacturers of computer components, including RAM. Prices of some of the most updated and used hard drives and RAM in Iran are listed in the table below. Below, for ease of general review, we have brought the specification table for different RAMs. What you expect from your computer and the software you will install on it can determine how much hard drive or RAM you need.

Do I have to buy a separate network card or can I use the network card in the motherboard? What is the use of a sound card in a computer? What is a Graphics Processing Unit (GPU)? Graphic artists using software such as Photoshop 2020, Illustrator, Premium and other graphic office software must use at least 8 GB of RAM. It increased the frequency of memory and thus its speed, and used new chip manufacturing technologies that lead to improved power consumption and reduced power loss. The internal memory of a computer or any digital device that contains some information is very important. The SSD hard drive supports this driver using the SATA connector. For this reason, SSDs have high speed, high resistance, and much lower lag than other types of hard drives. We have covered this issue at the end of this article. In this part of the article, we will examine different brands of RAM and hard drives.

Therefore, it is likely that many users will have to change the CPU in the next few months, unless Microsoft reconsider its decision and support more processors. This isn’t particularly complicated and now you can access the CPU. Now gently remove the CPU. Using the M2 driver in your computer’s hard drive increases its efficiency and reduces its latency. The RAM and hard drive of a computer are constantly improving like the other parts of it. One of the most famous and best RAM produced by this company is VENGEANCE LED, which is 16 GB of RAM with a frequency of 3.2 GHz. But our advice to gamers and graphic designers is to use 16 GB of RAM. The required amount of RAM and hard drive depends entirely on your needs. A computer’s RAM is the main memory responsible for running programs and maintaining communication between the CPU and the hard disk. When the hair dryer is placed on the fans, strong airflow is generated, which causes the fans to rotate abnormally and cause serious damage to the fan motor. This Taiwanese company started its activities in 2001 and has now become one of the largest manufacturers in Asia and the world.

There are special equipment for this, but we do not recommend using a hair dryer for this. Among the most famous RAM produced by this company is the Triden Z, which has a capacity of 8 GB and a speed of 3.2 GHz. If you do not use heavy games or programs, then one terabyte is enough for you. If you are a student or employee who needs to install specialized software, it is best to purchase computers with 8 GB of RAM. DDR stands for Data Rate Doubled, which allows the memory to transmit information about both the rising and falling edges of the clock pulse. This memory has different types which we will introduce below. The chip placed on the motherboard shows these limitations very well. For example, games like witcher, batman and games with average graphics can be played using 8GB of RAM.

2- When you remove the frame, you will see different devices of your laptop. In recent years, Corsair has focused on producing parts that gamers need. In addition to RAM, JSkill is also very active in producing hard drives. It also makes less noise when working. The M2 is also the next generation of mSATA drives, featuring faster speed and smaller dimensions. So that the bolts must be opened 4 to 1 in a row. This means that it loses all its information due to a power outage. Because you have to spend more time to find information in it. Why should we store information on the hard drive? In the remainder of this section, we examine the most popular brands of RAM and hard drives. In this section, we provide a tutorial on replacing a computer’s CPU. In the following, we will see how to change the CPU of your laptop.

However, if you are planning to change the CPU of your laptop at home, be sure to pay attention to the following important points. Ensure that the processor is properly seated in the socket. On some laptops, it is easy to separate the processor fan and the cooling tubes, and it is sufficient to press the two prongs next to the tubes to release the fan and the cooling tubes. Close the screws and connect the cooling power cable. It is recommended to save part of your files to an external hard drive. This company offers external hard drives in different designs and at different prices so that customers with any taste and budget can buy. Hard drives from this company are available in SDD and HDD types with different capacities. Here we cover the entire surface of the processor with paste. For this purpose, first place the hang bag on the processor and then lower and lock the latches into place until everything returns to its original state.

Perhaps current memory manufacturing technologies cannot meet this need well and we will have to find alternative technologies. But we can see progress in the technology of making memories. But changing a CPU takes some expertise and skill: The parts of a laptop are so tightly packed together, you might accidentally damage parts or introduce unwanted electrical load to the integrated circuits when you open them. Of course, this problem rarely occurs, but if you see such a problem, it is best to reduce the RAM frequency to see if the system will reach stability. Although DDR3 served the needs of PCs for seven years, it finally accepted defeat and gave way to DDR4. For normal use, the 4GB RAM will satisfy you. For a computer’s hard drive, the amount of software installed and the amount of files saved must be taken into account. How is the relationship between the hard disk and the computer’s RAM? Optimizing operating system algorithms, increasing data bandwidth, and improving policies for placing data in your memory can develop memories and speed up interaction with them. In other words, when we talk about the internal memory of a computer, we mean the characteristics of a hard disk.

Additionally, power consumption is another concern. The presence of this driver in SSDs can increase their speed up to 6 GB / s. Just note that if you run several programs at the same time on these computers, the probability of them hanging is very high. Because saving all of them on the computer will greatly reduce its speed. For this reason, it is very common to use it in thin laptops, mini PCs, and servers. An important point to pay attention to in this context is the order of opening the screws according to the arrows or numbers engraved on them. MSATA is not actually a separate computer hard drive, but a type of SSD hard drive with smaller dimensions and faster speed. In this version of the memories, the internal clock speed has reached half the speed of the data bus, so the total speed of the computer’s RAM has doubled and the power consumption has also been reduced. JSkill has set its main goal to increase speed and quality and has achieved most of these goals so far. However, replacing a CPU is not an easy task and you must pay attention to various details before doing it.

Some experts also apply several blobs of silicone paste to different spots on the processor. 5- As you can see in the image below, the latches have been released and it is possible to remove the central processor. The name of this Japanese company is no stranger to those who work in the field of memory. E-Data can be considered the most famous company in the production of RAM. 8- Now you have to put the latch and the door back in place. Now everything should be in place as shown below. Now RAM manufacturers are starting to offer DDR5 memory that is designed with the latest technology available. 9- Now the cleaning phase. 9- Turn on the computer and wait for the boot process to complete. Read ” Note that in the next generation, not all memories will lead to hardware. As we said, increasing the capacity of RAM does not necessarily lead to an increase in speed.