The best PC games of the past 10 years that you must try

 Klei Entertainment It is one of those studios that have really good games in their portfolio and among them, Mark of the Ninja is a work that is included in computermagazine’s list of the best PC games. Developed after the successful game experience FTL: Faster Than Light, Substagegames studio has created a work in its second work It’s called Into the Breach, which may seem like a very simple and natural game at first glance, but it’s actually a very strategic experience. It is addictive and fun. But then Minecraft was made and it was so successful that it convinced Microsoft to buy Mojang, the studio behind the game. What made Minecraft such a successful and valuable experience is hidden behind these seemingly simple blocks; Yes, I mean exactly that exhilarating sense of freedom of action and use of creativity that allows players to create whatever they have in mind in the game without weird constraints and boundaries and just be immersed in an adventure in the world they’ve made. Platinum Games Studio has created very good and successful games in its history and Bayonetta is one of them and even among the best.

This problem is one of the reasons Undertale has been such a different and successful game. Considering that the time period of computer games is much stronger than, for example, the eighth generation consoles, we decided to look first at the best computer games of the last ten years, or more precisely from the beginning of 2010, in the video and article that you will see below. By the end of 2020, let’s go based on the meta score. The idea for Portal started from a student project, which Velo later published as a game in the Orange Box collection. The reception for this game, both from critics and players, was so great that Velo decided to make it. Also the second version, which appears in the second place among the best PC games with an excellent score of 95. Among the best PC games in history based on meta points, games such as GTA V, Portal 2 and Skyrim can be mentioned.

To be honest, I think writing so many interpretations about Dark Souls 2 and the high quality of this series is just getting for repeatable; So maybe it’s best to just say that if for whatever reason you haven’t played this series, even if you don’t have the patience for the high difficulty level, I suggest you don’t deprive yourself of it! The story of the Hades roguelike revolves around a character named Zagreus who is trying to escape the underworld and reach Mount Olympus. Although Half-Life: Alyx is out of the way for most of us due to its reliance on VR gear, there’s just something about it that matters; The fact that this game was well received by critics and placed in the 7th place for best PC game shows that. One of the main advantages of Walking Dead for people who want to go for it these days is the availability of all released episodes and even seasons; So if you haven’t tried this game yet, it’s a good opportunity to play it, especially during the upcoming holidays. Total War Shogun 2, as its name suggests, takes players to 16th century Japan; When the first version of Shogun was also going on.

Okami HD is a story based on Japanese popular culture and tells the story of saving the earth from darkness by Amaterasu, the sun goddess, who is accompanied by a white wolf. Dishonored takes players to the city of Danwell; A place where dead bodies are seen everywhere and darkness and filth cover everywhere. In Okami HD, everything is really nice and convenient; From exploring the game world to fighting the darkness and bringing back the light. In addition to the really strong story, The Witcher 3 is also a good game in terms of gameplay, and although there are always criticisms of its combat system, but overall, everything about this game is so fun that it’s hard not to like it and enjoy it. The story of Into the Breach is told in the future; Where humans use huge mechanical equipment, each with unique properties, to fight the creatures that have invaded the earth. Resident Evil 2 takes players to Raconcity; Where Lianne S Kennedy and Claire Redfield, each with their own motives, set foot in this city and take part in a nightmare full of zombies and fear.

The Skyrim story begins where you are put into action after creating your own character; But the occurrence of an event and the appearance of a dragon, a creature that many believed was known only to you, will save your life and of course it is the beginning of a huge adventure that, without exaggeration, even has the potential to entertain. you for several months. On the other hand, Pillars of Eternity has an interesting story to tell, but its most important feature is its fun gameplay and great depth of role-playing elements; So you can easily create your favorite character and with all kinds of skills and upgrades available, turn him into exactly the character you want. After creating your character and selecting its details, you will begin a deep and enjoyable role-playing experience; From the mechanics of upgrading and personalizing the character to the loot system, as well as the tactical battles and turn-based battles in the game, which is truly breathtaking. In short, Divinity: Original Sin II has everything you could want from an RPG! If you want a special and different role-playing game, don’t miss Undertale.

Fez is one of those games that although it is made in the general style of puzzles, its special and creative idea turned it into a different and unique work. Perhaps there is a reason to put games with similar characteristics together in the list of the best PC games, but in any case, after two expansion packs, this time it is the turn of two games with a high level of difficulty, and after Spelunky 2 it ranks 20th. Fifth, we see Dark Souls 2. Perhaps The latest installment in the flight simulator series from Microsoft can best be described in one adjective, and that is the complete game. Apart from the completeness of the game in terms of gameplay and having a large variety of planes, Microsoft Flight Simulator is stunningly beautiful visually and flying over different environments in the game is oddly fun and relaxing. Perhaps for an audience that, for whatever reason, only thinks of Copper Effect as a work called Andromeda, placing Copper Effect 2 in fourth place for best PC games is a bit odd; But the truth is that, unlike Andromeda, the original three and in fact the original trilogy of Copper Effect, are such valuable and neat games that to put them in such a situation is not surprising at all!

For this purpose, you must enter and pass through different game environments safely with the equipment you have and, of course, above all your speed and accuracy; Not an easy event at all and to be honest, Spelunky 2 is one of those really hard games that if you go for it be prepared to die many times; This event, of course, does not interfere with the charm of the game, and even with so many deaths in a row it is really difficult to lose heart from Spelunky 2. But this does not mean that the great masterpieces that are not included in this time frame will be forgotten, and if there is no particular problem , we will try to find the masterpieces and memorable computer works of the early 1400s in a completely separate and dedicated article, regardless of the limitation, let’s move on to the time and date of release, which may or may not have something in common with the current list. Hideki Kamiya is one of the most beloved oriental game creators whose daring role in series like Resident Evil or the Duel May Cry series is undeniable. In the 17th place among the best PC games, we see another game from Blizzard that many doubted its success when it was made; Because this time, Blizzard went for a new experiment and wanted to make a multiplayer first-person shooter game, which seemed to have tough challenges, especially in the crowded game market of this style.

Of course, apart from the wide variety of heroes, the different maps, engaging game modes, and general game mechanics are so valuable that you can spend many hours experiencing Overwatch. Like other editions of this series, Civilization V also allows you to choose from a large number of famous leaders from various civilizations, and then in the form of turn-based experiences, you should try to improve in various aspects and eventually achieve victory. The variety of civilizations and the unique characteristics of each of them, along with the attractiveness and addictiveness of the game itself, have turned Civilization V into a work that is definitely worth a very high try. Hades, as the latest game from Supergiant Games Studio, was officially released in 2020 after being available as an early access version for about two years, and the improvements applied to the game based on user feedback produced an effect like the description I used for Splankee, it may start with you, but it certainly won’t You end up! Dota 2 definitely marks the presence of all gamers, especially PC gamers.

Overwatch is competitive multiplayer action, and one of its main pillars is the game’s heroes; The heroes each with unique characteristics and this makes playing with each one an engaging challenge. In the same way, Bioshock Infinite is an attractive shooter in terms of gameplay, and the game needs something else to become a great action! But the reason why BioShock 3 could be called a masterpiece is because the game is really great in every way; Unlike the previous two, Bioshock Infinite takes players to a city called Columbia, which this time around is not built under water but above the clouds; A fictional and at the same time infinitely striking city, in which we witness a very impressive narrative, about which it is difficult to get excited before understanding its end.

Dark Souls 2 has a position in common with Splanky from another point of view, and that is that the third release of this series could have ranked 40th, because of the point mentioned in the introduction, we have put Dark Souls 2, which has a better position in the list. All these things have combined so that StarCraft 2 is ranked 9th among the best computer games. GTA V is a surprise among video games in every way, and for this reason, it is no surprise that it ranks among the best PC games of the past 10 years. From the past to the present, the computer is a constant companion of gamers; Although video games are only one of the uses of computers, there are still many people around the world who enjoy playing with mouse and keyboard in this platform. Tetris Effect, ranked 29th best PC game, uses the same formula as Tetris, but first of all, the game is really cool from a technical point of view; The perfect combination of visual effects and attractive lighting with top-notch music was able to present the usual house building in a really interesting format, and of course, the combination of these effects with the addictive gameplay of the game resulted in the one that is recommended for everyone.

Spelunky 2, the first version of which also qualifies to be in the current list, and we mentioned one of them for more variety, is considered one of the new games in the list released in late 2020. Although we will talk a lot about Blizzard in the following article about the best game PC that we mentioned in the introduction, however, this company also has good representatives in the current list of the best PC games, one of which is World of Warcraft: Cataclysm. In 2019, many games were launched and we had small and large value business as you wish; But it was not without reason that Disco Elysium was a hit at the Game Awards, winning awards such as Best Story and Best Indie Game of the Year. Why Lying? Spelunky 2 is one of those games that we don’t understand at all and we don’t know why we should love it, but the main problem is that we can start this game, but we can’t finish it at all!

So maybe this is enough for Velo to know that this series still has great potential and popularity, and maybe we can hope a little more that the success of this game can one day make us able to play Half Life 3, which we have been waiting for years to try out a way The gameplay in Dishonored is quite extensive; So that the game gives you most of the tools and then the option for you to use them as you want to achieve your goals. Of course, one of the things that made Dead Cells such a valuable experience is its appreciation for the player’s efforts, and despite the consecutive deaths, it does achieve things that make you not discouraged from trying the game. After the expansion pack for WoW, we came up with another expansion pack for another MMORPG, but this time, we see a much newer effect.

We have no doubt that WoW is one of the most influential games in history, and the Cataclysm Pack, released in 2010, has made the experience of this game even more interesting. Because you don’t have to wait for the next episode to be released, and these upcoming holidays are the best opportunity not to deprive yourself of this blessing and enjoy an action experience with a great narrative. The game, which was released after the success of Batman: Arkham Asylum in 2011, based on the comic series, provided a fantastic narration of Batman’s fight against his enemies. In total, the Rocksteady studio has made really good games based on Batman, which are presented in the list of the best computer games second edition or Batman: Arkham City. With these explanations, the first part of Desnard, released in 2012, is on the 15th place of the best computer games.

Top-notch high-quality MMORPGs are not uncommon on PC, which is why we see Guild Wars 2, the product of 2012, at number seven on our list of best PC games. Guild Wars 2 is a game with a fantasy atmosphere that takes players to the world of Tyria to have their own adventure in this large and detailed world. If you are a fan of Final Fantasy MMORPG, you must not miss this expansion pack and its contents. In short, if you want a really addictive game, don’t miss Hades. The gameplay is basically a turn-based strategy where you have to try to clear the map in different stages. Regardless of the role, it is the turn of the puzzle game, and in the style of this game, Fez ranks twenty-second among the best PC games.

This independent job allows Obsidian to make the game according to his taste and the result is amazing! We talked about everyone and now it’s time to go rock star sweet! Okami game was first released in 2006, but its versions that are on the leading list is a mod version of the game released in 2017 on various platforms, including PC. Starcraft 2 was released 12 years after the first in 2010 and showed that Starcraft is still a very popular series and of course has great potential for continuation. Tetris is one of those old games that almost all of us are familiar with, and from those old black and white handhelds to other platforms and even mobile devices, we’ve spent hours rotating and placing blocks. Along the way, you will be treated to breathtaking fights where you will be killed again and again and have to try again with the experience you gain. But behind this good looks, an even more beautiful interior can be seen. Among the various releases of this series, Deus Ex: Human Revolution, which ranks 32nd in the list of best PC games, is one of the best.