9 digital marketing methods that will boost your business

Digital Marketing is a type of marketing for various products and services that use digital technologies. This type of marketing often takes place on the Internet. People who work in this field are always looking for ways to increase traffic to their website and sales of their products. There are many ways to do this. In this article, we will introduce you to the concept of digital marketing, its importance and its different types. Finally, you can improve your business marketing strategy by knowing and applying the different methods of this type of marketing.

What is digital marketing?

Not many people can provide a correct and complete definition of the term digital marketing. This term is not as complicated and ambiguous as it seems. In fact, any type of marketing that aims to sell products and services through electronic devices is called digital marketing.

Digital marketing is not a new profession. This field began to take shape with the introduction of electronic devices in people’s lives. Most people think that this type of marketing is limited to content marketing and social networks. If only these cases are considered as part of digital marketing and do not include all subcategories of this field.

Digital marketing takes place both offline and online. At the end of this article, we will refer to offline marketing methods, but in most cases we will deal with online marketing types because online marketing includes a large part of digital marketing. If you want to make a very high return in your business, then you should consider both offline and online approaches.

The importance of digital marketing

Communication between humans and electronic devices is increasing day by day. In fact, users in some countries spend more than 11 hours of their daily activities interacting with electronic devices. In the near future, the use of these devices will play a role in all human daily activities. Thus, the importance and impact of digital marketing is increasing day by day. Ignoring this issue will make it almost impossible to attract more customers and as a result, your business will lag behind other competitors. Next, we will introduce the types of digital marketing. You can choose the best digital marketing methods according to your industry, business, and customers, and use these methods to grow and develop your business.

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1. Search Engine Optimization

“Search Engine Optimization” or otherwise called “SEO” refers to the process of increasing the number of visits to your website through organic and organic search engines. In organic search, the generated content is displayed on the “Search Engine Results Page” or “SERP” without paying any cost to the users. When the user enters the desired keywords into the search engines like Google or Bing, the results related to those words appear in the SERP.

Each user will see unique results based on their keywords, location, and search history. Normally, organic results are displayed as a list and are ranked using a search engines proprietary algorithm. Algorithms also change by changing the user’s search pattern, his interaction with Internet content, and also the choice of each of the results obtained. The higher your content ranks in the SERP, the more traffic will be directed to your site. In this way, the possibility of increasing passive visitors and active customers also increases.

There are several factors involved in search engine optimization, which can be divided into two categories: “internal SEO” (on-page SEO) and “external SEO” (off-page SEO). Internal SEO refers to the actions taken to improve the SEO of a website. On the other hand, the actions and communications that take place outside the website space in order to grow your SEO is called external SEO.

As search engine algorithms change, so do the requirements for achieving SEO. These changes are made in order to adapt the results to the needs of the user. Given this issue, we must remember that the purpose of SEO is not to build a website by ranking first in the results, but the ultimate goal is to create the best possible website for your target users. If you always rank high in your SEO, your website visibility and traffic will increase. This will bring prosperity and faster development to your business.

2. Search engine marketing and click ads

Search Engine Marketing or otherwise called “Search Engine Marketing” covers one of the neglected areas of SEO, i.e. buying personalized traffic from search engines. With SEM, it is possible to buy space in the SERPs for users to advertise websites. The most popular non-free search platforms are Google AdWords and Bing Ads. In this method, the marketer has to pay a predetermined amount to the search engines. By doing this, in different parts of the SERP generated by searching for certain keywords or specific phrases, ads requested by the marketer will be shown.

In today’s digital world, social networks play an important role in marketing various businesses, and their importance in creating an appropriate marketing strategy is not hidden from anyone. However, the key point in the correct use of social networks is to know the inputs and outputs of marketing in this way. Social media marketing exposes your products and services to more and more users and allows you to communicate more closely with customers. In this method of interaction, you can receive valuable feedback from your customers and use the information obtained to improve the quality of services and products as well as the way they are provided.

All actions that are undertaken in order to increase traffic or business exchanges in social networks are included in the field of social network marketing. To take advantage of this type of marketing, you can increase your business activities on platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube or LinkedIn. Using social media marketing and producing quality content will increase the speed and success of your business. Most businesses are very interested in using social media marketing, but those with a Business to Consumer (B2C) business model benefit the most from this method. Companies with a B2C business model offer their products or services to the end customer or target without any intermediaries.

One of the key points in social media marketing is to pay close attention to the topics your users are talking about. You have to listen to the opinions of the audience, participate in discussions, use social media marketing, and evaluate the attractiveness of each article based on the number of likes and shares. Content sharing is very important as it is a kind of free advertising for your business. Hence, create highly shareable content.

4. Content Marketing

Content Marketing is a way you can get more sales by producing quality content for your users. The desired content can be created on any Internet platform. Sending messages on Twitter, uploading videos to YouTube, and writing various content on a website are examples of content marketing. This method is very effective because it integrates your content with other methods like search engine optimization and social media marketing, and as a result, work productivity increases.

To properly implement content marketing, it is necessary to pay attention to several points. Make sure to consider end users before creating content. For this purpose, the type of audience and its interests must be determined. This problem will determine the elective field for you. In addition, consider the language and terms your audience uses when searching the Internet. Using this information and using the right keywords will improve your SEO.

Note that you must share your content on all social media platforms. This will maximize views and feedback. Content marketing is an ongoing activity. This method has no direct relationship with sales, but its main purpose is to interact and educate customers in order to build trust, recognition and brand value. Avoid producing inappropriate and unnecessary content. Find content that engages users on a regular basis. By creating quality content related to your online business, you can improve your website’s SEO. Using content from other blogs and building backlinks is also a good way to increase website traffic.

5. Affiliate marketing

Affiliate Marketing or Sales Collaboration is a method by which an attractor is paid to attract each customer. This type of marketing is similar to hiring an employee to sell a company’s products or services and paying a commission on each sale. In affiliate marketing, money is only paid for the sales made and no upfront payment is made to the advertiser. Many bloggers or online selling sites use this type of marketing.

The point in affiliate marketing is that you have to define certain rules and regulations between the parties before you attract people. Vendors represent your brand and should always convey your brand logo to customers. Hence, provide specific keywords that you want sellers to use. In addition, you must draw up an employment contract for persons interested in sales cooperation.

6. Effective marketing

One of the newest methods of digital marketing is “influencer marketing”. In this method, people who are famous or those who have many followers are used in virtual networks to attract more users and improve product sales. Effective marketing is very popular in virtual network channels (Instagram, Telegram, etc.). For example, many companies hire popular Instagram users and ask them to post some photos to promote certain products or services.

Sometimes companies give influencers control of their online account for a certain period of time (usually a day). These people drive users to your social media channels. As a result, the number of new followers and views of the channel increases. Note that you should always do your research well before choosing an influencer and starting to work with them. You can use Google Analytics to ensure that the number of followers of the person concerned is correct and that their user accounts are not fake.

7. Email marketing

In “email marketing,” information such as introduction of products and services and recent changes to each of them is sent to subscribers via e-mail at certain intervals. Unlike other digital marketing methods, this method is based on creating a special relationship between the customer and the company. Sending email updates provides value to customers and builds their trust and loyalty to the brand.

The best email marketing result is achieved when you attract subscribers not by paying money but by creating relevant content and building brand trust. This method of marketing plays a significant role in increasing sales of products and services because users who fill out email sign-up forms are most likely to be your active customers.

8. Viral Marketing

“Viral Marketing” is a technique in which the production of engaging, humorous, or even outlandish content is used to increase content engagement and attract more visitors. Viral marketing increases website traffic exponentially in a short period of time. This method is very difficult, but it’s worth a try. Companies with a B2C business model are interested in this type of marketing. These companies can attract a lot of visitors by using their social media accounts on different platforms.

9. Mobile ads

All digital advertising methods can be implemented on mobile. However, some of the marketing methods applied to mobile phones are not compatible with the above methods. For example, “SMS advertising” is a method used for local marketing. You can enable your customers to receive special offers, discount coupons and new company news by providing SMS services.

Offline digital marketing

It is best to know that digital marketing strategies are not limited to the online environment. To achieve your desired goals, you should consider some offline marketing methods along with the online ones. In advanced offline marketing, electronic devices can be used to improve user experience. For example, some restaurants use smart tablets to take orders from their customers. Radio marketing, television marketing, and mobile marketing are all also in the offline digital marketing category.

The last word

In this article, we have tried to introduce you to the types of digital marketing. Learning how to properly implement digital marketing methods will make your business more visible and improve the way you interact with your customers. The aforementioned achievements are the ultimate goals of all digital marketing methods. You can move forward and advance your brand by creating an experience that is right for your end users and in accordance with your goals. Implementing quality marketing methods will result in your satisfaction and customer satisfaction.

Using internet marketing methods is not the only way to be successful. However, today’s lifestyle has forced marketers to accept the importance of internet marketing. Remember, improving your SEO is one of the main ways to increase traffic to your website.

Leveraging marketing by producing quality content with the best SEO techniques and sharing content on social networks can bring you closer to your desired goals at high speed. Finally, remember to use social media as a tool to monitor customer feedback. Evaluate the attractiveness of your content through the likes and shares of others, and use this information to modify future content on your website for greater success.